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Project progress 25.12.2020

Ho-ho, it’s already Christmas time for most of you! Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season :)

Today we have prepared the last weekly report of the year. But a summary of 2020 is also coming.

So, this week our devs worked on the optimization of the Cores code and almost made the final version. You may have already noticed that the network load icon has disappeared. So far, everything is running smoothly, unless ongoing technical work may cause temporary delays in sending transactions.

We’ve started to update the team’s Cores. After it, we are going to monitor the network functioning — when the devs make sure everything’s okay, we will announce the update of users’ servers. The next step will be launching the voting and activating the Cores rewards. After that, decentralization will be achieved!

This whole process will take about two months — most likely the network will enter a new phase as early as March!

That’s all for now, thanks for staying with us!

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