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Project progress 27.08.2021

Friday evening is time to take a cup of tea and enjoy another report about #MetaHash progress :)

First of all, we are going to hold the next AMA with our co-founder Gleb Nikitin. Don’t miss your chance to ask questions, leave them under the event announcement!

By the way, we are already getting questions for Gleb — many of you are asking about what functionality is prioritizing for the development team. The answer is that, of course, one of the most promising areas is a bridge between TraceChain and the Ethereum network.

Secondly, we can already reveal some details about this important tool. For example, for your convenience, information about the bridge will be added to the Network Monitor application. But it is not the only step towards optimization — in general, we strive to make the exchange of #MetaHashCoin for ETH coins and its tokens as comfortable and fast as possible.

Another good thing is that having #MHC token based on Ethereum will help the project reach more users, since erc-20 tokens are the most popular at the moment.

Also here are some intriguing screenshots for dessert :)

By the way, our developers will be very pleased if you share in social networks not only our articles but also screenshots of the development process :)

Thanks for the attention and have a great weekend!

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