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Step-by-step development of #MetaHash ecosystem

We believe that gradual development is much more effective in the long term than rapid, but short-term growth — there are many proofs of it in the IT industry. That’s why the creators of #MetaHash project planned several major stages, that logically complement each other.

The project has already gone the biggest part of its way to decentralization, right now our community support is more important than ever. We are ready to help all users — only your initiative is needed.

One of the ways to involve the community and at the same time one of the main advantages of #MetaHash network functionality is #MetaGate technology. It allows users to work with different programming languages and attract external libraries, engines and applications to the system, thus enriching and developing the whole network. By the way, such an opportunity is already used by some enthusiasts of #MetaHash — our users have already created several applications that allowed #MetaHash community not only to accelerate and optimize the work but also to develop new areas of business.

A truly distributed storage clearly increases community loyalty and expands the field of their activities, especially if it builds on the infrastructure allowing not only to avoid centralization but also guaranteeing the stability of user access to services.

This is why such ecosystems are so important — like #MetaHash, where you can quickly “pack” programs, share experiences with other decentralized applications, and use a single payment system for both developers and end-users.

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