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The right to decentralization

During the history of mankind, the information flow has always been under control. However, with the advent of the Internet, everyone got the opportunity to speak and be heard. In addition to consumer mass media, the Internet has decentralized other important industries, such as finance, thanks to the invention of digital currencies.

But soon, browser and search engine software providers tried to gain a monopoly over Internet access, several major social networks began the fight for personal data… Then, we faced a wave of personalized annoying advertisements, which gradually formed a bubble of filters around the user, isolating him from the rest of the system and depriving him of the right to choose. Of course, the competition promotes development, but without compatibility and consistency between system components, it will regress and lose its usability.

The appearance of the blockchain technology has turned the world upside down, making the Internet limitless, accessible, neutral and resistant to censorship again. Thanks to the consensus protocol in a network without a central server, where connected devices “agree” with each other on the sharing and storage of data, the system remains clear, secure and transparent.

Common decentralization can ensure transparency and accountability also in the areas of management, finance, and communication. Although cryptocurrencies are not yet universal legal payment instruments, this technology has enormous potential. Decentralized services already empower people around the world to interact with new and upgraded platforms, changing the approach of established institutions through the introduction of new distributed solutions.

The imbalance caused by centralization often leads to an unmotivated strengthening of elites, abuse of power, strict censorship, lower efficiency, and lower trust. The #MetaHash team believes that modern humans must have the inalienable right to free information. We are convinced that preventing the accumulation of resources in one hand is essential for the security, scalability, and decentralization of any project, application or platform, as well as for global sustainability and equitable economic development throughout the world.

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