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What can I do for the #MetaHash project?

The #MetaHash team is constantly working on the development of updates that allow to develop the network independence, increase the security level and optimize its performance. However, for a decentralized network, the gradual launching of the planned functionality is not enough. The contribution of each community member to the network growth is equally important.

We know that many of you would like to help the project. The best support will be your participation by testing new roles, strengthening nodes and adapting new members of the community. Therefore, in order to motivate a growing community and stimulate the system, #MetaHash developers are constantly improving its usability — for example, ability to fold #MetaGate to the notification area, while contributing to the development of the network.

With the help of the recently introduced #MetaHashProxy, absolutely every member of the network can contribute to the further path of the project to decentralization, allowing the system to use the resources of its own computer. For this purpose, the corresponding functionality was added to the #MetaGate settings.

At the moment, two roles are accessible for testing — Service Torrent and Verification Nodes. Each server participating in the tests makes a great contribution to the project development and accelerates the way to decentralization. Your feedback on new roles are so important to us — only together we can create a strong stable network!

But there are not only servers who are crucial. Users should understand that the work of every computer connected to the #MetaHash network is not wasted. After the expiration of the 4 hours of forging, necessary for the node to claim the reward, it begins to participate in the distribution of awards. Accordingly, the longer the community member forge, the higher the chance to get it. But at the same time, by participating in processing and confirming transactions, the user also participates in the development of #MetaHash and provides support for decentralized applications that he himself can later use. Remember that if you do not invest in the development of the network, you cannot take advantage of such advantages as, for example, forging.

Yes, community support is extremely important, so in the summer we launched a program to expand the #MetaGather community, with which its members will be able to get additional #MetaHashCoins and attract new users. The growth of the project community will multiply the project capitalization and increase the attractiveness of forging for individual forgers, and will also contribute to the further growth of our decentralized network.

The success of any project is impossible without community support, without people willing to be not only users but participants in the network. In #MetaHash we are for the win-win strategy, so we are doing our best to make work on the network as comfortable as efficient and give everyone the opportunity to influence the project future, receiving a reward for it.

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