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Fight Like Sin!

Talk about a great name! I love these guys so much. I’ve actually been in close proximity to the band for the past couple of days. My buddy Failhat on Twitch( )recently got permission to use their music on his channel. When you first hear them you might be tempted to think they’re simplistic. They are not! They can get technical with their writing if they want to. Listen to their song Nightmare:

Really great stuff. There’s some really classic-sounding lead play. The vocals are great. My friend says it reminds him of the first time he heard Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin. I agree! I also think they’re talented enough to be just as successful. Check them out on Spotify, or… whatever you use. I would also google them if I were you. I love collecting digipak CD’s and it just so happens you can buy one directly from them on their site.

To me, it’s like if you take the best parts of Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed. I understand that this started out as more of an extreme metal blog, but you should have learned by now after the Porcupine Tree stuff that I was going to write about more than how much I like Mayhem.

So, groove with Fight Like Sin. They riff pretty great on their tracks. You can check out their lead singer on as well at: He’s a really great guy. Stopped by my buddy’s stream to drop a cancer charity donation. To top it off his voice is amazing! It takes a really talented person to convey the kind of raw emotion that he does and make it sound beautiful. I really hope they do well. Rock really needs groups like FLS They’re palatable but also very passionate. Give them a listen! Oh yeah, I almost forgot this. They double bass! Always a plus!




I started this publication because didn’t really see any devoted to metal that had posted more than once this year. I really don’t know what to expect so we’ll see how it goes between work and school.

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