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Happy Halloween!

Today is the best day of the year in my humble opinion. Forgive me. This will be a more blog-style post. I’ve been thinking a lot about life and death lately, and both are inevitable, and at the same time, they’re one and the same thing. I don’t want to go all emo goth kid on you. They’re both part of each other. My late partner was born in October. I think about him a lot in October. I also think about others that I’ve lost on this glorious day. I think about everyone from my dog that died this year to my grandparents to celebrities I loved. Rest in peace Sean Connery by the way.

The thing to remember is that in the short term as long as you remember them, and cherish the good times they’re never really gone. Physically they’ve departed but they’re there in the electricity of your mind. I was really struck by what I saw on Twitter yesterday. Kanye West had a hologram of Kim’s father made. I can’t believe people say he’s out of touch and self-obsessed. I followed him and Kim both on Twitter on the Metal Scribes account. He had a short clip of the kids jumping around and screaming like rockstars decked out in Misfits gear. I found that to be another cosmic coincidence because I had just Tweeted the lyrics to Skulls by the Misfits on that account.

I’m still busy trying out music that I’ve found. I’m thinking of rebranding my publication from Metal Scribes to something else or possibly creating another publication. I don’t want to spread myself too thin though. I’ve also thought of a product I could package. I could do a monthly PDF of all the stuff I’ve written about on Metal Scribes. I feel like I want to look for people to help me with Metal Scribes but I don’t want to get other people involved until I’m better established.

Can we just take a minute to talk about music? I’m loving Isolert. I think I have an album of theirs on the way. I’ve ordered so much I can’t really remember. I know I pre-ordered their next album but I can’t remember if that’s digital-only or not. I love them and will be writing more about them soon. I’m actually listening to them right now as I write this. One other casualty this month was my Chromebook. I spilled some soda on the keyboard and now half the keys don’t work. I got a nice wireless keyboard and am currently using it with the Chromebook in tablet mode.

I just can’t believe another year has gone by! I remember sitting outside watching Twitch streams waiting for trick-or-treaters that never came. I ate most of the candy. There’s likely not going to be anyone this year either.

Now onto the actual news for Metal Scribes! I get paid soon and that means more unboxing videos! It will likely take a lot of time for them to get here so I’m going to do a video in the meantime showing off my vinyl collection. It’s mostly prog stuff but I do have some albums by Behemoth and Opeth. I just love owning physical copies! It’s like a special, albeit antiquated at this point, gift from the band.

I might even order some of the bundles that come with shirts. I can wear those on stream and in videos. Another thing I’ve thought about doing was videos of me playing through albums on Beat Hazard 2. I will of course seek out permission to do those videos from the bands by contacting their labels. I’d love to do giveaways but I need to do more research into the most efficient ways of doing that kind of thing. If I do the Beat Hazard 2 recordings I’ll also stream it live at:

I will of course advertise this a few days in advance on the Metal Scribes Twitter account at:

Follow us! It’s fun!

I’d like to take the time to thank the over 200 people that have visited us so fart here at Metal Scribes. It’s been a lot of fun writing all of this for you all. I wish more people would read the entire articles but that’s on me not on them. I’ll be trying my best to be less of a deadpan writer. I’ve experimented with my diction on pieces like the most recent Isgalder review. I also want to try to keep the posts briefer. Instead of trying to break down a track with timestamps, I’ll talk more generally about all the tracks. I’m also going to be doing revisions of my old posts. These won’t be simple edits or corrections to grammar or spelling. I’m going to try to be more creative with how I write.

I know I shouldn’t be putting all this energy into a newsletter, but I figured it would be something nice to put into a PDF that I could package and do monthly for a Patreon. If I do this I’ll try to package it with original artwork. Thanks for reading all of this who/when/wherever you are.




I started this publication because didn’t really see any devoted to metal that had posted more than once this year. I really don’t know what to expect so we’ll see how it goes between work and school.

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