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It’s Been a While… again.

I’ve been all over the place. I’ve been spending time with people I care about and I’m trying to get used to school, work, and learning what I need to to make my own game. In the middle of all that is the music that I like. I might get hate for this but I’ve been listening to a lot of Burzum again. I know, Varg isn’t a great guy and all but I love the atmosphere. Thulean Mysteries is a really great ambient album. I fall asleep with it just as much as I do Filosofem.

My buddy has been streaming up a storm and is getting a lot of people coming to his channel in between his involvement with and the Ninja Monkey Streamers group. We’re all just trying to carve out our little pieces of the new frontier of media. Literally, anyone can make great things happen for themselves and others. My buddy, for example, has been raising money for cancer research. You can find him here: Really great guy.

The good news is that I’m back writing again. I want to try to stay busy. Even when I come home tired from work I should be able to press on and keep doing what I love. I’m currently listening to the band I’m going to review next: Fight Like Sin. more on that when I actually do the review. I noticed that I still get a little traffic despite this project being completely absent for the past few months. I think I’m turning the PDF into a yearly thing instead of a monthly one. That would be an incredible amount of work that I don’t really have the time to do. I will finish last year’s zine PDF soon.

Thanks to everyone that reads this!



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