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Nightly Emotion — Inside the Fire — Disturbed

I can tell you what you’re thinking. Did you just completely throw your musical taste out the window or what? No, I genuinely like Disturbed. I was pretty lukewarm about their first few albums. Right around 10000 fists though they started to show more musicianship. There are nice solos great covers.

I actually love David Draiman as a vocalist. I found it fitting that they covered Land of Confusion back in the day because I’ve always thought he sounded somewhat similar to Phil Collins. I know some might want to crucify me for even comparing the two, but this is my opinion.

As for the musicianship, this track really isn’t the best on the album, and it was one of their video single releases and contains the most shock value. This song is about suicide, and coping with it David Draiman even says this in a disclaimer/PSA at the beginning of the video. So that part really won’t be so hard to break down.

I’ve always thought that the song kinda harkens back to Dante’s Inferno. I won’t really go into detail about this because the extent of my knowledge of Dante’s Inferno comes from the PS3 game that was released back in around 2009. I know that they’re not entirely similar. This song came around right about the same time, and I thought that it would make a great soundtrack song for the game.

Now and forever
You’re just another lost soul about to be mine again
See her, you’ll never free her
You must surrender it all
In your life to meet again

It all reeks of going to the underworld to try to reunite with someone that you’ve lost.

Devon lies beyond this portal
Take the word of one immortal
Give your soul to me
For eternity
Release your life
To begin another time with her
End your grief with me
There’s another way
Release your life
Take your place inside the fire with her.

I haven’t really had any experience with suicide. I have dealt with loss though. I’ve thought for the longest time that if I knew for sure that I could be with Randy again I’d just end it now. I’m glad that part of my life is over. I suppose I relate to this from the other side. I’m not really the person dealing with the suicide I’m more of the person that would perpetrate it. I’d never go through with it though because I see it as violence towards the people that care about me. I feel it pull at me daily though. I’ve become a much better person throughout my life but it’s still there in the corners of my mind.

As for the music, it’s a pretty standard Outing by Disturbed. Like I said the solo isn’t their best (by that I mean the most technical) I wanted to do this for Nightly Emotion because I feel that it’s an important subject to touch on. David Draiman shouts out the suicide prevention hotline which I will leave here for you. 1(800)273-8255

Here’s the full video as well. Normally I would leave you with a spotify link but I think this is probably the way that the band would want someone to experience the song. Enjoy.

Image retrieved from (Indestructible, 2020)

The video was retrieved from Disturbed’s YouTube channel at:



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