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Metalinq Partner With Indorse To Build A Metaverse Focused Protocol

We are excited to announce that Metalinq is officially partnering with Indorse, a pioneering blockchain company composed of crypto OGs and marketing experts, building Web3 communities and products. Metalinq will lean on Indorse’s expertise in software development, marketing and its extensive network to continue building its core technological infrastructure.

Understanding The Current Metaverse & NFT Conditions

Unlike how many of us envisioned the Metaverse, similar to how classic Sci-Fi novels like Ready Player One depict it as one holistic mega-universe that connects everyone and everything in it, the reality is that the space is fragmented, disconnected and non-synergetic. Although there are already 20 popular crypto & non-crypto metaverses created, with millions of users actively engaging, the core user base has no means of porting over their assets from one metaverse to another. For this reason, players, developers and artists work in silos, constantly designing, developing and adjusting for each separate metaverse and its respective blockchain.

Such a lack of interoperability leads to increased friction with users, as each has to learn how to access and enjoy their favourite metaverses separately. This challenges the maintenance and growth of current metaverses with consumers’ ever-changing demands and shifting market trends.

But what if there was a universal metaverse bridge that connected everyone and everything together? That is the question Metalinq is answering with its unique technological solution.

About Metalinq

Metalinq is creating a Layer 3 protocol that sits on top of current major Layer 1 and 2 protocols ( i.e. Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Near etc.) that will act as a bridge between each blockchain to integrate their respective metadata formats across metaverse in one uniform standard.

For example, imagine you bought an NFT on Ethereum as an in-game item, avatar or wearable for one of your characters within an Ethereum-based P2E game. Through Metalinq’s protocol, you can port over those digital assets to a dApp running on another blockchain, like Solana, without having to set up things from scratch or lose any asset — essentially allowing for cross-chain interoperability and solving the issue of fragmentation.

Conceptually, Metalinq’s protocol is similar to how email uses SMTP as a protocol layer to transmit data on top of the TCP/IP protocol layer the internet uses.

Taking things one step further, Metalinq is also creating a universal messaging protocol that will enable cross-chain & cross-game communication among P2E games and metaverse projects.

Since Indorse is currently developing a v1 version of their BlockBots game, the project will act as the first proof-of-concept P2E game to use the Metalinq protocol once it is ready.

About Us & Our Funding

The team behind Metalinq is dedicated to addressing the sizable market that top play-to-earn games are beginning to amass — with a combined Total Addressable Market (TAM) of between $8–13 Trillion. The team is confident that by building from the ground up, other P2E games, Metaverses and NFT projects will significantly benefit from its crucial infrastructure, connecting existing web2 components with the Web3 world, further scaling the ecosystem through interoperability and increasing the value of the market for all to benefit.

Having secured USD 250,000 in pre-seed funding from investors including Coinsilium Group, Metalinq is well underway in its development journey, with the necessary funding to begin operations now in place. Metalinq is now in talks with certain other potential investors in order to complete its seed funding round.

Metalinq intends to launch its own token, $MLINQ, next year, subject to market conditions and certain project development milestones being successfully achieved.

Existing IND token holders will also be eligible to receive $MLINQ tokens on a 1–1 basis for each IND token they hold and will be able to claim their $MLINQ tokens via a claim and future token airdrop to be held in accordance with certain criteria to be announced subsequent to the planned token launch in 2023. A snapshot of the IND token holders was taken on 21st June 2022. This should be considered as the “cut off” date for all IND holders for their entitlement to receive their future $MLINQ token.

More information on the project, partners and token launch will be released regularly. Connect with the team on our social channels to stay up to date with the latest news.

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