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Metalist DAO Club

We will officially launch the Metlist DAO Club on the official website on February 10th ! Here we release the content of the club system for fans, and it’s going to be a whitelist event in the near future!

Metlist DAO Club, as a special service of MetalistLab’s basic business, will provide stable and continuous value for Metalist Lab loyal members.

Metalist DAO Club

As you know, Metalist Lab will focus on building Web3.0 Avatar Social Space. At the same time, there is also a important base service system of business roadmap, which is metalist DAO Club.

Become a member of the Metalist Lab DAO Club, and you will be able to redeem your metapoints for limited Meta Medal NFTs with various rights and to be traded.

Meta Medal NFTs

There are currently 5 levels of NFTs in Metalist DAO Club, and each NFT contains corresponding rights. NFTs are regularly issued in limited quantities and can be traded.

The following is the display of 1st version Meta Medal NFTs with corresponding rights.

Bronze Meta Medal NFT = 100 Meta Points
Sliver Meta Medal NFT = 500 Meta Points
Gold Meta Medal NFT = 1500 Meta Points
Platinum Meta Medal NFT = 3000 Meta Points
Diamond Meta Medal NFT = 5000 Meta Points

Meta Points system

MetaPoints system contains two task lists regarding to earn and consume.

1-Members profit corresponding meta points by completing certain tasks, including fixed tasks and time-limited tasks.

2-Members cosume meta points to redeem medal NFT, each account can redeem unlimited NFT.

Tasks list v.1

More details will going to be released soon. If you look forward to it, please let us see “Applause”!

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