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The Great Reset & The Death Of Currency — How Will You Survive It?

When fiat currencies fail gold will still hold value.

The world is waking up to the fact that our fiat currencies have little to no basis of value. An economic deception has been played against us which has allowed a few to become unimaginably wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. It’s not too far from the truth to say that we live under a form of economic slavery.

The basis for this deception has been the implementation of fiat currency and the corruption afforded those who own the money printing presses. We are starting to hear some of our biggest financiers talking about a “Great Reset” and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What do they mean by this and what does a Great Reset mean for our financial futures?

If we don’t understand these important topics and how they will impact our lives, we are at the mercy of the same system which has stolen so much from us in the first place.

“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” — JP Morgan

JP Morgan knew what he was talking about. You will find commentaries on this insightful statement that discuss gold backing dollars and dollars being derivatives of gold. At MetalStream we see a different truth. Money is created through debt — this is the fiat monetary system. Fiat currency is money which has no real asset to back it. It is created through accounting chicanery and the issuance of debt — or “credit”. This debt is worn by the people.

Almost all currencies today are fiat and in our modern era, we can trace this back to the third and current iteration of the US Federal Reserve in 1913. It is important to mention that this system is much older than 1913. As we have discussed in a previous article this deception can trace its roots back at least to Frankfurt in the 17th Century.

The truth about how money is created and distributed in our societies is never taught at any institution of learning because if the truth became known there would be a revolt overnight. Essentially when money is printed by the Federal Reserve it is immediately classed as a debt. When the US government needs a million dollars the private Federal Reserve bank prints the million in paper currency (or just creates digits on a screen) and lends that money to the government, which represents the people.

It cost the Federal Reserve a tiny amount to print that money but it is entered as debt at the face value of one million. The problem is compounded because they want interest on that money which can never be paid. We often hear figures for the size of the US national debt. This live debt clock currently puts it at almost $27 trillion and it is ever climbing. That represents over $81,000 in debt for every US citizen. The question that is rarely asked is: to whom does the US owe this staggering sum to?

For a fascinating in-depth history of this fraud, you can read G. Edward Grifin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve. You can also watch G. Edward Griffen explaining it in his video here, or watch the excellent series Money Masters by Bill Still. An understanding of this topic is vital to avoid the worst repercussions of what is about to occur.

It is estimated that over 96% of the US dollar’s value has been stolen from the people through inflation during this latest iteration of the Federal Reserve. That means that today’s dollar would be able to purchase only 4 cents worth of goods or services in 1913. As the US dollar is the current global reserve currency this fraud has impacted all the people of the world. Where has all the value gone?

Even more prescient and concerning is that there is no value in the US dollar left to steal. One way or another this fraud must end because the US dollar is worth practically nothing. Its current value is only held in place because the majority of people are not aware of how the Federal Reserve manipulates the fiat US currency.

Things may be about to change…

Some of the biggest financial players in the world are now talking about a Great Reset that we need because of the global lockdown. The World Economic Forum represents the interests of the wealthiest people on the planet. You may be familiar with their opulent meetings each year in Davos, Switzerland and the protests which accompany it. The World Economic Forum in conjunction with the rest of the global banking system is pushing the Great Reset agenda. What does this mean? Do you trust these people?

Beyond all the flowery verbiage espoused by the World Economic Forum many researchers feel that a Great Reset represents a new global currency or a resetting of currency values. This will allow the perpetrators of the economic scam we have all laboured under to get away with their crimes and implement a new economic scam. A good video on this perspective can be watched here. This is being actively pushed upon us now.

When the currencies are reset what will happen to all our savings and our financial future. Our old fiat currencies will not hold any value. The only value that can be taken forward will be in the form of tangible goods such as precious metals. Holding a stock of gold or bitcoin will help ensure that we are able to withstand these changes and maintain a store of value.

If you don’t hold gold before the coming Great Reset you may regret it afterwards.

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