How to Install MetaMask on Firefox Today

Mozilla hand-reviews every Extension submission, and at time of writing, we’re in line position 332 of 645, so Firefox support is coming, but if you’re impatient, and don’t mind voiding your browser’s warranty, there’s no reason you can’t use MetaMask with Firefox today!

Developer Edition Required

Mozilla has a special version of Firefox that doesn’t require their approval to add extensions, so you’ll need the Firefox Developer Edition.

Shields Down

Once you’re running Developer Edition, you’re going to need to visit the config page at about:config. This will give you a big scary warning that this may void your warranty, and it may! So heed it!

You then want to find the setting called xpinstall.signatures.required and double click it to say false.

Go Download MetaMask!

Our link on the Firefox store is here, and you can now use it!

Normal Firefox users will be able to use that link once we’ve been approved & signed by Mozilla.