MetaMask Monthly: July

Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Aug 1, 2019 · 5 min read
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MetaMask Mobile Beta App is now available!

On July 22 we released the Beta of MetaMask Mobile and the community went wild! With just under 10,000 signups in the first week and all the positive sentiments received, the past 9 months of work from our team felt like a huge payoff. You can read about all the included features → HERE.

If you haven’t received a link to download the app you can find the links for iOS and Android → HERE

This is just a beta version of the app, and we need your feedback to improve! So please use the ‘Send Feedback’ button from within the app to send us any bug reports or general feedback and feature requests — we are actively listening to your needs and you can expect improvement updates in the app frequently.

Read on to learn about features that users were particularly excited about: sync to desktop, InstaPay, and more!

Browser Sync with Extension

If you are a hardcore developer, crypto trader or power dapp user it is likely you will have a lot of transaction history and accounts on your MetaMask desktop extension. You will be glad to know that you can sync your entire wallet (accounts, nicknames, tokens, transaction history) to MetaMask on Mobile so all your info is now with you on the go. Your desktop extension will simply generate a QR code and when scanned by your mobile device a sync of information will happen in seconds.


MetaMask Mobile also lets users enjoy instant and free (gasless!) payments with the use of Payment Channels via Connext. With the exception of your initial deposit and withdrawal from the payment channel, this feature enables gas-free payments between users. This creates one fast and seamless experience between wallets, browsers, and applications.

Adding your dapp to the homepage

The browser homepage features a number of popular dapps from around the decentralized web.

If you’re a dapp builder who is interested in being featured on the homepage, please fill out this form to be considered → HERE

Privacy Mode (Now on by default)

Last year, MetaMask introduced Privacy Mode, an ecosystem-wide standard to improve user privacy on Ethereum. Rather than exposing users’ Ethereum addresses to all sites, Privacy Mode (detailed in EIP 1102) requires that websites ask for user consent before wallets reveal an address. In MetaMask v7.0, this will be enabled by default. Read about the full details → Here!

Address Book

Copy and pasting to send to public addresses can sure be a hassle especially if it’s one you transact with often. It sure would be nice if you could save nicknames for accounts that aren’t yours but you frequently interact with. Well now you can thanks to our new address book feature which will be rolling out to your desktop extension in the next few days! The Address Book is designed to provide convenience, transaction history clarity, and decrease the risk of sending to to the wrong address because the details will be saved to your account.

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3Box integration

This week we’ll be rolling out a version of MetaMask that integrates with 3Box to preserve user preferences!

We’ll back up an encypted copy of users’ preferred settings, saved contacts, account nicknames, and token preferences. When a user restores their wallet on a new browser or device, they’ll have the option of importing those preferences to get set up immediately. That’s right, no more having to re add a token contract addresses again!

3Box is a decentralized storage system build on OrbitDB. They’re helping build the layer of user data on Ethereum to help make applications more robust and user-friendly.

If you’d prefer not to back up your lightweight account data, you can always opt-out via settings. As always, you are in control of your seed phrase & keys, which are not being backed up or sent anywhere as part of this integration.

Check out the demo below showing a restoration of language settings and contacts after restoring an existing seed phrase.

Shoutout of the Month!

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This months shoutout goes to Elk! Elk is a development board for the blockchain and the decentralized web. It combines the simplicity of Arduino along with native support for decentralized networks. With only a few lines of code you can build IoT that interfaces with Ethereum, IPFS, Whisper, and more! It is now available to pre-order on Kickstarter Here.

Development What’s New?

MetaMask v 6.7.3 is out and auto-updating in browsers near you. Next time you pop it open, check out some of the improvements listed below. These changes are new as of this month.

  • #6888: Fix bug with resubmitting unsigned transactions.
  • #6713: Normalize and Validate txParams in TransactionStateManager.addTx too
  • #6759: Update to Node.js v10
  • #6694 fixed issue re seed phrase imports.
  • #6743: Fixes our parsing of seed phrases during import
  • #6740: Fixed bug were going back from seed phrase import prevented log in.
  • #6741: Refactored component account-details-modal.js
  • #6761: fixed a invalid prop error during on-boarding flow
  • #6589: Document hotfix protocol
  • #6738: Add codeowner for package-lock-old.json package-lock.json package.json packagelock-old.json files
  • #6648: Add loading screen to notifications to indicate something is happening on the extension
  • #6731: Add brave as a platform type for MetaMask

MetaMask by the numbers

In the past month…

✅ 84 PRs merged

🛠 82 commits

💫 23 Github issues closed, (48)opened

🔧 1,201 support tickets solved last month

💥 31,184 lines of code added and 60,771 deleted.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach out to us directly or file an issue on our Github.

Builders, help us make useful tools for you!

Are you a developer using MetaMask to build your business, dapp, side project, main project, or anything in between? If the answer is yes then we need your help! Your thoughts and opinions are crucial for us and inform our future development. Any insights gained will ultimately help improve MetaMask.

Will you help us with this 5-minute form → Here
Thank you!

Thanks for reading and stay foxy!!! 🦊

Jason & the MetaMask team


MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the…

Thanks to Bobby Dresser

Jason Lee

Written by

Jason Lee

Advocate for Blockchain Tech. BizDev and Community at @metamask_io and @ConsenSys



MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

Jason Lee

Written by

Jason Lee

Advocate for Blockchain Tech. BizDev and Community at @metamask_io and @ConsenSys



MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

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