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Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Jun 3, 2019 · 5 min read

New Privacy Mode UI

This security feature that was enabled by default a few months ago required websites to ask user to see their Ethereum accounts. Our design team has been cooking up some rather sleek designs on this new improvement. We are proud to keep users safe, informed, and in control at all times.

When interacting with sites that don’t use privacy mode correctly, we’re looking to make it easier to log in, without having to turn off privacy mode across the entire app

Dark mode vs Light mode which do you prefer? (Let us know down in the comments)

Once again It’s important to know that when privacy mode is enabled, MetaMask will not automatically expose user accounts to web pages. If privacy mode is disabled MetaMask will automatically expose user accounts to websites as it did in the past.


For the first time since our launch in March we were able to share some solid quantitative numbers that were sought after and unknown to the community. This article was featured on recently and you can read the full article but here are some highlights!

April measured 192k MAU and 65k WAU, which we can adjust proportionally for the chunk of our userbase who did not opt-in to metrics:


MetaMask recorded 1.1 million transactions in the month of April, which projects out to a whopping 1.51 million transactions last month across the entire user base.

Dapp Usage

There are thousands of individual applications that contribute to the transaction volume above. The top five on mainnet and top five overall are:

This represents a good mix of collectibles, games, exchanges & developer tools. Remix’s place as the most-used application reflects our substantial developer user base, especially on testnets.

MetaMask at Diversity In Blockchain

The event included a discussion on Digital Wallets 101 with Carlos Acevedo, renowned New York City high school teacher, who was recently featured in the Washington Post for his work introducing students in the South Bronx to cryptocurrency.

The Digital Wallets discussion was followed by an interactive “How To” session for digital wallets and bounties with Frankie Pangilinan (Software developer At MetaMask) and Mark Beylin (Co-Founder and CEO of the )

Frankie showing the audience the process of setting up their first digital wallet.


This month the MetaMask team also spoke at the Ethereal Summit in New York. Ethereal Summit has previously proven to be a hotbed for development in the ever expanding Ethereum ecosystem. In addition to focusing on essential elements like protocol and business development, conversation at Ethereal approaches blockchain from geopolitical, sociological, and philosophical perspectives.

At the conference and provided insight on what we’ve been working on, the problems we are trying to assist with in the ecosystem and details on our public Beta launch of MetaMask Mobile next month! Sign up !!!

A list of features MetaMask is building towards this year

Development What’s New?

MetaMask v6.5.3 is out and auto-updating in browsers near you. Next time you pop it open, check out some of the improvements listed below. These changes are new as of this month.

  • : MetaMask now Drops transactions who’s nonce is lower then the known network nonce but were not included in a block we now check nonce against the network so it doesn't remain in a pending status
  • : Hardware Wallet Bug Fix- This UI issue used to break several parts of the extension: ex.Hardware wallets & remove accounts.
  • : Improve ENS Address Input- Correct ENS names should be detected & resolved, but should not replace the displayed typed name, the same way the URL bar doesn’t replace the domain with the IP address.
  • : Added a subheader to all settings subviews
  • : Improved confirm screen loading performance by fixing home screen rendering bug
  • Fix bug where an approve method would show a warning on Ropsten Test Network.
  • : Updated our auto-logout timer functionality
  • : Implements the new designs for the Custom RPC network form
  • : Adds auto logout with customizable time frame
  • : Adds drag and drop functionality to seed phrase entry.
  • : Include token checksum address in prices lookup for token rates

MetaMask by the numbers

In the past month…

✅ 46 PRs merged

🛠 48 commits

💫 48 Github issues closed, (51)opened

🔧 1,151 support tickets solved last month

💥 15,438 lines of code added and 12,292 deleted.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach out to us directly or file an issue on our .

Thanks for reading and stay foxy!!! 🦊


MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

Jason Lee

Written by

Jason Lee

Advocate for Blockchain Tech. BizDev and Community at @metamask_io and @ConsenSys



MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

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