MetaMask’s New UI Has Begun to Roll Out

If you’re a MetaMask user, you might notice a new item in the top-right MetaMask menu soon (or now!):

I wonder what “Try Beta!” does…

When you click this menu option, you will be transported to a world of pure imagination, courtesy of a long running collaboration between MetaMask, our designer Christian Jeria, and Kyokan Labs. They’ve done some great work, and we plan to continue working with them, so please don’t poach them too aggressively!

This is the same UI you saw previewed at Devcon 3 by the giant dinosaur. That wasn’t Dan Finlay, aka Dino Dan, but was in fact Dan Tsui from Kyokan sharing his team’s work.

The new UI isn’t just polish, it also includes several long-overdue features (achem, native token sending). Here’s a basic overview of where things are:

I think my personal favorite thing to click here is the “Open Full Screen Mode” button, which lets you really stretch out and enjoy your account in a new way:

You’ll notice Ether on the left tops your new token list, and adding tokens now auto suggests popular tokens, and makes it easy to safely add tokens you know by name, and makes it easy to send them, and review token sending transactions.

Don’t get your hopes up, we didn’t have a token sale, that’s just a MetaMark, our April Fool’s joke from last year ;)

Really, the entire interface has been overhauled, and it’s going to take a little bit longer to fully document it all, so let this be a sneak peak at some of the cool stuff we have packed in there.

Naturally, all of these changes released at once mean there is a slightly above average chance of hiccups. That’s why we made it easy to opt-in to the new interface, as well as opt back out, in case anything isn’t quite up to your standards yet. If you want to get back to the old interface, you’ll find it on the settings page, under the main menu:

We have a lot more cool features planned with this slick new UI, we hope you enjoy it! If you have any issues, bugs, or features to report, please email them to us at, or if you’re savvy with GitHub, chime in on our issues!