Regarding Pending Transactions

Within the last few days, several transactions have been reported as either “pending” or “failed”. There have been reports of transactions being processed upwards of 24 hours after submission. The primary reason for many of these transaction problems is that the Main Ethereum Network is unable to process the huge spike in transactions quickly enough. This is a first for Ethereum; the community is addressing the issue as quickly as possible. 
 Nobody knows when the backlog of transactions will be cleared and transaction times will be normalized. In the meantime, we advise users to:
 1) If time is permitting: Wait. The network will eventually return back to normal and transactions will either be processed or be ‘forgotten’ by the network, allowing for another submission if needed. You can check the status of your transactions through Etherscan.
 2) If the transaction is time-sensitive, follow the instructions here to resubmit your transaction with a higher gas price. Please ensure you have a copy of your seed words before attempting this! This does not guarantee that your second transaction will be processed before the first, but it increases the probability of your transaction being processed sooner.

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