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Auth3 Network Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Recently we have been receiving many questions regarding our project, the following FAQs are the most common ones we have gotten these days. Hoping it can help you understand us soon.

1. What is Auth3 Network?

Auth3 is a decentralized and trusted network built upon a privacy-preserved infrastructure to unlock and exchange data values. Auth3 aims to connect people and data around the world for Web 3.0. It helps people to discover, aggregate, and exchange authenticated data.

Auth3 encapsulates data usage rights into data tokens by leveraging blockchain and Defi tools, which notably helps to release the value of data.

2.What is the goal of Auth3 Network?

Auth3 is a privacy-preserved computing network into Web 3.0 that aims to unlock the value of data. And encapsulates data usage rights into data tokens by leveraging blockchain and Defi tools, and helps to incentivize and grow the data ecosystem. Briefly, let your data make values to you.

3.How do you guarantee my privacy?

Privacy is guaranteed throughout the whole life cycle of your data.

From the user’s end, we allow users to store their on-premise or in any third-party storage services that they trust, e.g., IPFS, TEE-based GCP, etc.

When doing data authentication, users can select an Auth Engine node to verify the authenticity of data and generate a data report, which leverages secure computing technology including TEE, MPC, and Federated Learning to ensure the raw data will not be exposed during the whole computation procedure. In other words, only the computed result will be obtained in the end, while no one can see or touch the original data and the computation process.

For the data aggregation and publication phase, only the data reports that contain metadata are collected rather than the raw data.

During the actual consumption and usage of data, it’s still the secure computing technology that guarantees privacy throughout the entire computation process. Also, the Auth Engine and Auth3 DAO will check and forbid illegal algorithms that may leak data.

Given all the above, Auth3 will ensure the privacy of users’ data in all aspects.

4.What is the difference between Auth3 Token & Data Token?

AUTH3 token is the platform token of the Auth3 network used for governance, providing rewards, payment for the exchange of the data assets and usage of resources in the network, etc. Besides, the AUTH3 token can be pledged as the insurance for data quality and compliance when data operators issue data projects.

Data token is distinct for each data project and acts as a unique certificate for deriving dividends from the profits that the project made. The circulation and distribution rules for each project’s data token are formulated by the initiator of the project and maybe different, we only provide some basic design principles and guidelines for reference, as well as assistant tools.

5.What kind of data do I provide?

You are encouraged to provide any kind of data that is valuable and meaningful.

Purchasing, traveling and social data is useful for advertisers to conduct more precise marketing and you can get better recommendation services and financial rewards (actual cash, discounts, coupons, etc.).

By sharing credit data you can expect better financial products (better loan interest rates, larger loans, etc.).

Images or video data like individuals’ portraits and postures, road traffics, is useful for AI companies to train and improve their algorithm models.

Healthcare data is quite precious for medical institutions to do research and development.

6.Is there any airdrop for the community?

Yes, we will have some, especially for our contributors and harbinger.

7.When is Auth3 Network launching?

We will launch testnet and issue auth3 token in Q3,2021. Please look forward to it.

8.How can I contact the Auth3 team?

If you have any questions about Auth3 Network, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can send us an email here: or the fastest way to reach one of our team members directly would be through our Telegram Chat channel here:



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