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Essential Tips for New MetaMirror Users

METAMIRROR is known to be Oasis’ NFT launchpad and marketplace and is the ONLY native place for its NFT projects. It has a wide array of NFT projects such as the AI ROSE collection — the only Oasis endorsed AI-generated Rose NFTs, which strongly represents the Oasis Network token — ROSE.

MetaMirror has a streamlined UI where you can explore all the NFT projects on Oasis. Currently, there are 21 NFT projects that can be purchased on the market and counting. Each collection has its own unique art and characteristics to enjoy!

With Oasis and its specialized blockchain being privacy first and able-to-deploy Confidential NFTs, Metamirror has collaborated with Bishop, where they have created the 1st Confidential NFT project. This collection consists of only 77 NFTs which it was solely generated by mathematical equations and contains hidden files for the user who purchases one!

Before BUYING any Oasis NFTs — our 1st recommended tip is to buy $ROSE tokens. To ensure where to buy your ROSE safely, please check this website (recommendation — buy off Binance).

Essential Steps for the new Metamask user (for buying):

  1. As a new user of MetaMirror, it is best to get acquainted in creating an EVM-integrated Metamask wallet.

To do so, you can follow this link:

2. Once you have successfully done so, connect your wallet on the Metamirror main site (on the top right):

a. Via this link:

b. Sign in and select: Emerald Mainnet

3. Now! You can explore the many collections Metamirror has to offer by selecting ‘Explore’ on the menu-bar at the top.

a. For example in purchasing an Oasis NFT — you can choose AI ROSE and scroll down and choose an AI ROSE you love.

b.Once you have done so, make sure you have enough $ROSE tokens and click ‘BUY’.

4. Congratulations! You have purchased your very 1st Oasis NFT.

Essential Steps for the new Metamask user (for Launching):

1. To Launch your collection, select Apply & Manage MLaunch

2. Once you have, sign into your Metamask Wallet, once done follow the form, and enter all the details asked.

3. When all the details are entered and saved, the 2nd page will ask the following:

4. Once you have selected which service, go through the next page and fill out the next form.

5. Last step, make sure you sign up for an account on Discord and Join the Metamirror Server!

6. Make sure you contact their core team to see your NFT project’s progress.

7. Hope to see your NFT collection with us!

Other tips for New MetaMirror Users!

  1. Join our Discord Server:
  2. This server has everything — from community, updates and an admin team on standby to answer all your questions
  3. Join both of our Twitter pages!
  4. Both Twitter pages will keep you updated with what is expected from Metamirror and Oasis Network. Who knows you might win a giveaway or two!
  5. And lastly, join our Telegram Channel — our admins are also active there:

So…what are you waiting for? Get on it and start your NFT collection with the Oasis Community.



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