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First NFT Collection on Oasis Network: AI ROSE — Rewarding Loyal Community Members Using MBuddies

Today, Oasis Network announced the first NFT collection on it’s network: the AI ROSE NFT collection. Using the Metaverse identity infrastructure, MBuddy, AI ROSE collection is designed to reward Oasis community members, by utilizing data-backed insights on the community affiliation of the participants in a decentralized manner.

MBuddy is a revolutionary Metaverse identity infrastructure that gives users full data sovereignty. It proves a user’s real-life status during Metaverse events. During the AI ROSE NFT release, users will authorize computations on their Data Assets (stored in one’s own Oasis Parcel account) to construct an MBuddy (the on-chain identity that’s fully under the user’s control). Traditionally, providing such insights requires a centralized analysis of individuals’ personal data. Using the latest private computation & blockchain technologies, this situation has been changed by MetaMirror & Oasis Network.

How it works

AI ROSE is a community exclusive NFT collection designed to reward Oasis’s community members! This is how it’s done.

AI ROSE is a collection of digital rose flowers generated using AI algorithms. These NFTs are allocated for two purposes:

  1. Reward loyal community members
  2. Engage new community members

In order to achieve this, the participants will support their community affiliation with Oasis Network using their Data Assets. First, users will migrate their data from centralized service providers (Twitter in this case) to their own account at Oasis Parcel (a privacy-preserving Web 3.0 data storage & computation environment). Then users will authorize to initiate a series of computations to evaluate their Oasis affiliation. The evaluation result will then be stored as attributes of the user’s Metaverse identity, MBuddy. After the MBuddy generation period closes, different whitelisting policies will be applied to MBuddies based on their attribute values. This allows the NFT to be allocated with data-backed insight, favoring Oasis’s loyal members.

NFT that protects community

MBuddy is fundamentally changing the NFT industry.

In a traditional NFT release, the issuer must make a trade-off between privacy and insight. For example, a musician may issue NFTs to reward the music fan. In a release that’s not supported with data, professional NFT buyers often dominate the market and turn the release into a speculation event. As a result, the real music fan community are left with very few opportunities to participate.

MBuddy provides a way to reconcile this situation, by empowering the participants with fully controllable on-chain identity. Thanks to this technology, the AI ROSE NFT collection is able to truly benefit the Oasis community.

Combining user insights and NFTs, MBuddy allows organizations to differentiate contributive community members without accessing their data. This allows them to encourage certain powerful community behaviors, such as decentralized news propagations.

Data Sovereignty

As we invest more and more into virtual life & Metaverse, a solution to achieve data sovereignty is urgently needed. As we continue to work, study, and play in the Metaverse, we are effectively migrating our lives into the virtual world. It’s exceptionally dangerous if the Metaverse is dominated and controlled by data monopolizers. Therefore, we need to ensure that every individual has a way to defend themselves in the Metaverse.

MetaMirror provides a way to turn personal data into immutable and privacy-preserving Data Assets stored in Oasis Parcel. Using these Data Assets, users can back up their Metaverse identity (MBuddy) using immutable and real information. This sets a safe and controllable foundation for you to enter the Metaverse.

We are excited to see this vision become realized today, with Oasis Network’s initiative adoption of the MBuddy service. AI ROSE is not the only world’s first NFT release that’s supported with data, it’s also the first Metaverse event where Data Sovereignty is achieved.

We are in an exciting era of transiting to a new world. Join us today and be part of this revolution.



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