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How to generate MBuddy

MBuddy is a user-controlled blockchain identity that brings your Web 2.0 data values to Web 3.0 and Metaverse. This involves two parts.

  • Bridge your Web 2.0 data into your own Web 3.0 data asset management account (Oasis Parcel account).
  • Compute your MBuddy (your Web 3.0 identity) based on your own Web 3.0 data asset.

Step 1: Connect wallet at MetaMirror

Go to the MetaMirror website. Connect your wallet by clicking the button on the top right corner of the page. Currently, Metamirror only supports MetaMask.

Step 2: Generate MBuddy

Click on your wallet address, and then click “Generate MBuddy”. You will be redirected to Auth3’s Data Marketplace to upload your Web 2.0 data.

You will be prompted to sign with your wallet to log in to your Parcel account.

Scoll down to upload data into your own Parcel account. After that, your MBuddy will be generated. This step may take a few minutes.

Note: Make sure to review the “Privacy Policy Specific to this Data Project” section. It contains important information about how your data assets will be used and computed results.

To update your MBuddy

If you want to update your MBuddy, first click the ‘reset’ button, and then re-generate your MBuddy.

For more help generating your MBuddy, please visit MetaMirror Discord.




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