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Introducing MLaunch — MetaMirror’s Code-Free Minting Service, with innovative Data-Backed NFT Launch

Sales of nonfungible tokens spiked 21,000% to more than $17 billion in 2021. Despite the rapid growth of popularity, creating and hosting NFT sales events remain challenging for artists. Three major obstacles are preventing artists from adopting this technology.

  • Minting NFT and hosting NFT sales events, such as whitelist minting and public minting, requires coding skills. Artists often work with a technical team to conduct these steps.
  • Establishing and activating a buyer community requires great effort.
  • It is challenging to convert an established Web 2.0 community into Web 3.0. Instead of bridging over the existing community, creators often have to start from scratch.

Introducing MLaunch

MLaunch is a service that aims to reconcile the aforementioned obstacles. In particular, through the following services.

  • Code-free minting service: This service allows users to not only configure their NFT smart contract but also set up NFT launch events in a few clicks. This includes whitelisting buyers, hosting whitelist sales and public sales, and unboxing blind-box NFTs.
  • Automated community engagement: MLaunch gives creators additional access to data-backed insights of your community participants during the NFT launching. Creators can host their own MBuddy Space, which helps creators to manage retweet, invite, check-in, chatting, and other tasks all in one place with no manual maintenance hassles.
  • Bridge Web 2.0 fans’ status to Web 3.0: Current NFT industry is completely separated from the data-backed Web 2.0 world. This makes the NFT projects unable to prioritize and activate their Web 2.0 audience during whitelisting and NFT distribution phases. MLaunch solves this by helping users bridge their Web 2.0 identity into Web 3.0+ and allowing creators to interact with users’ mirrored identity, MBuddy.

How to MLaunch your NFT collection

Creators are welcome to adopt one or more services of MLaunch. To use the code-free minting service, go to MLaunch and click MLaunch today. This will direct you to upload the necessary contents to configure your MLaunch NFT collection throughout all phases of an NFT lifecycle. such as the marketing, sales, unboxing, and secondary trading phase.

To support an NFT launch event with data-backed insights, creators will need to create an MBuddy Space and choose the data insights of interest. After setting up the MBuddy Space, creators may interact with community members through a data-backed mirrored identity, MBuddy. This allows the NFT creators to run automated campaigns to grow the community and prioritize their Web 2.0 fans’ community.

The MBuddy Space service is built with Oasis Network’s private blockchain storage and computation infrastructure to ensure user data autonomy, privacy, and full decentralization. Up until today, we have X active spaces and over Y users. To start setting up your Space, please contact us at <email address or discord link>.

MetaMirror’s Data-backed NFT launch service (MLaunch service) is an innovative NFT Launch service. It allows an NFT project to make launch decisions based on data-backed insights towards the participants. We look forward to helping more NFT creators build successful projects on the Oasis Network.



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