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MetaMirror is partnering with Oasis Apes Club to invent “Web 3.0+ GameFi”

We all know that decentralization leads to a safer internet, and that data is the new oil. However, current blockchains are almost entirely isolated from the most valuable data source, the traditional Web 2.0 internet.

With Oasis Network’s unique privacy-preserving blockchain computing technology, we built the first “bridge” that can stream data value from Web 2.0 onto Web 3.0. The core of this bridge is a user’s controlled Web 3.0+ identity called MBuddy. Users pull their own raw Web 2.0 data to Web 3.0, extract the data value in Web 3.0, and construct a blockchain identity out of it.

Apply MBuddy Web 3.0+ identity to GameFi

After supporting multiple data-oriented NFT launches using this method, we are excited to announce that we are going to move one step forward. Combining NFTs, secure blockchain computation, and MBuddy Web 3.0+ identity, we will build a first-of-its-kind GameFi project in partnership with Oasis Apes Club!

The Oasis Apes Club battles

Oasis Apes Club battle is an NFT-based battle game between two NFT factions — the normal ape troop and the mutated ape army. The Apes can win NFTs and the $OAPE token through both contributing and winning the battle.

The MBuddy battle integrations:

  • The social media war
    Extending the Web 3.0 battlefield to Web 2.0, Apes can fight for their troop on Web 2.0 social media. The louder you are on social media, the more NFT weapons you gain. Players will bridge their Web 2.0 fighting status into their Web 3.0+ MBuddy blockchain identity, and redeem weapon NFTs based on it, or directly affect their battle scores.
  • Identity-based weapons
    Players receive special weapons based on their identity traits. This includes token-based MBuddy attributes such as the AI ROSE Holder attribute, as well as general attributes such as the Oasis Bloom Hackathon Dev attribute.

Through MBuddy, blockchains are no longer isolated data islands. Instead, they are open to taking in data values from the rest of the internet. With an open stream of data, the new oil of this age, we will bring NFTs & GameFi to the next level.

Join our community today to explore more about the next generation of NFTs and how we realize this through our MBuddy-backed NFT marketplace, MetaMirror Gallery.



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