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Our First AMA of Auth3 Network

Framework to learn about Auth3

On the 18th of October, we have successfully held our first live AMA on Telegram Channel. In this AMA, we make a general work summary and first introduce our great innovation Avatar, an NFT project as a part of our Auth3 ecosystem. We are delighted to the community for questions answered, and thanks for your support!

Below is a full recap of the AMA. Read on!

Q: Can you share Auth3’s progress since the initial project started in 2021?

A: Of course. We are happy to talk about the progress and extraordinary breakthroughs we’ve made so far.

First of all, in technical :

1) We first proposed the concept of Data Authentication, using blockchain and privacy computing technology, to make verifiable personal data identification;

2) Designed a set of frameworks including processes of data upload, data verification, and data use, which can ensure the security and privacy of data in the whole life cycle;

3)We realized the privacy computing of data and achieved hardware-level data security by Parcel, the privacy computing engine based on Oasis.

4)An easy-to-use API was designed for developers to quickly develop analytical algorithms and initiate privacy computing tasks in the Auth3 platform.

In terms of community operations, we have been working on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, TG, and Discord, and completed the initial construction of the community. Auth3 currently has more than 10,000 users and will continue to expand its influence through multiple channels in the future, looking for potential users who share the same values and creating a warm and harmonious community.

In addition, since Auth3 initiates, we have received much attention from investors and projects of blockchain or privacy computing industry, and feel great honor. Currently, we have set up a solid strategic partnership with Oasis and are working together on a project which will be launched soon. Cooperation with other project parties is also being planned in an orderly.

Q: Can I introduce the project within one sentence?

A: Auth3 is a data project that leverages TEE for privacy computing and fulfills efficient data circulation with the blockchain infrastructure.

Q: That sounds promising! Can you explain more specifically what problems Auth3 solves?

A: There are a lot of sore points in the data market that needs to be addressed urgently.

The first and most serious thing is users’ data breaches on the centralized platform. We’ve all heard of the famous “Twitter data breach” in which the Trump team bought Twitter users’ private data to analyze, send political messages to designated users, influence their political sentiment, and fuel Trump’s presidential victory in the dark.

Secondly, data cannot be fully transferred. We all know the value of data, and governments around the world are encouraging data to empower industries. But on a centralized platform, individuals’ ownership of data is implicitly stripped off, which is a serious violation of our rights. Auth3 uses blockchain technology to confirm users’ data rights, packaging their data in the form of data tokens in the market. On the one hand, users can really master their data ownership. On the other hand, relying on the TOKEN which enables data to flow freely in a fair and open way, can efficiently promote the development of various industries.

Q: Data is a promising frontier, and there have already been some data projects in the existing market, how could Auth3 stand out?

A: We are full of confidence.

First of all, we have many years of scientific research experience in privacy computing and blockchain, and have published many articles at international conferences, with very high technical barriers;

Secondly, we have a lot of practical experience in implementing “the effective integration of privacy computing with blockchain”, especially in the exploration of layer2 and oracle machines. We are committed to complementing the security of data validation and computing in TEE with the open, transparent and immutable nature of blockchain; and to protecting user data rights and interests by blockchain, energizing private computing.

Finally, we are exploring DID, building personal portraits on the blockchain with data uploaded by users. Our upcoming component of the Auth3 ecosystem, which is called Avatar, will fulfill that. It functions as a tool for projects and businesses to achieve accurate customers and make precise marketing.

In summary, we have the advantages of technology leadership, model, and product innovation.

Q: Sounds competitive! So how exactly does Auth3 work in terms of the underlying technology?

A: First, we use Parcel to securely store the uploaded data. Second, data validation and computing are executed in TEE. Thirdly, we use blockchain to tokenize data rights and distribute data tokens on Ethereum for rapid transfer of data value.

Q: What is Auth3’s near-term plan?

A: In addition to methodically developing the Auth3 main network, we are also developing Avatar, a product of the Auth3 ecosystem.

Through Avatar, people can build portraits by their uploaded data, which is convenient for projects and corporates to make precise marketing. In addition, by smart contracts, businesses can be executed automatically and effectively. Once one user’s portrait is matched to the certain criterion set by some project, he can mint the rare NFT reward of the project. Therefore, users who upload data more in auth3 has more opportunity to obtain projects’ nfts, which is positive incentives.

Avatar will be available in the near future. Stay tuned…

Q: I am so eager to be one of the first users! And have been talking for so long, I also felt that Auth3 is a project with great vision, working on innovative, free, and booming things. So what’s your final goal?

A: Thanks for your praise. It’s true that we’re a passionate team and what we want to do is meaningful for the world.

And Auth3 is like Pandora’s box. On the one hand, it is a black box, in it safe data verification and calculation are executed, without raw data exposed. On the other hand, this black box is magical, every time someone else uses your data, the black box will spit out token reward to you. And finally, according to your data characters, it from time to time drops some brands of rare NFT treasures, surprisingly.

How much data people give, how much treasure pandora’s box can produce in return. We hope Auth3’s Pandora’s Box can benefit the whole world, linking data owners and data consumers and fulfilling security, freedom, happiness, and development!

We are taking our time in order to continue working efficiently on the project. Everything is still under development, but we expect to have some new content up soon! We ask that you all be patient as we continue to develop our project.



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