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Have it ever crossed your mind on thinking how fun staying in discord while earning some real rewards that you can use? Think about how you can earn coins in exchange of vouchers, crypto currencies and even gift cards such as starbucks and netflix? You read it right!!!!! Just by playing, participating in events and giveaways will give you a chance to get those amazing rewards by earning SETTLER’S COIN

The Power of Settler’s Coin

Let’s first define what a Settler’s Coin is. Settler’s Coin is a native coin developed only for discord users under the MEE6 economy game only in the Metanoia server. Settler’s coin is mainly used to exchange discord roles that have benefits on it and vouchers that you can use in the real world.

What are the rewards you can get from earning settler’s coins?

  • Discord role — Founding Settler, Pioneer Settler, Early Settler and NFT Discount holders (each role has their own benefits). Benefits:
  • Founding Settler’s ticket NFT
  • Automatic whitelist for all future NFT sales
  • Multiple NFT mints
  • Exclusive discord role and channel
  • NFT minting discount
  • Gift vouchers — vouchers that you can exchange for gift cards such as Apple, Starbucks, Netflix etc.
  • Stable coin vouchers — vouchers that you can exchange for USDT and BUSD (BEP-20)
  • Game vouchers — vouchers that you can exchange for game coins like Mobile Legends diamonds, etc.

Exciting right!!!!! Just by staying active and participating events you’ll get settler’s coins to exchange for those amazing rewards. That’s what Metanoia aims to keep our community and be rewarded for their contribution in the community. What members need to do is to be a verified settler

How to become a verified settler?

Verified settler is one of the most important roles in Metanoia’s discord server as it unlocks the full potential of using settler’s coins such as exchanging it to get the rewards from the shop. Once you join Metanoia’s discord server, you will need to become a verified member first to see and unlock some of the channels in the said server. Why would a verified member need to be a verified settler? Being a verified settler earns more than the verified member and those who haven’t got the verified settler role can’t exchange their earned settler’s coin for discord roles and vouchers.

These are the simple steps on how to become a verified settler:

Simple as 1, 2 and 3. That’s how you can be a verified settler and claim exclusive rewards only for having that role. Enjoy the exclusivity and use our exchange system to get the rewards.

What is settler’s coin exchange system?

This system is developed for verified settlers who own ample coins to exchange for rewards. Check the amounts and prices of the vouchers available in our exchange system. SETTLER’S COIN EXCHANGE SYSTEM

Note: availability of the vouchers can be updated upon discretion of the Founders and Core Team members.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

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