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Life Begins After Death — HolyCoin (HC) — The Altcoin Cryptocurrency that is Eternal

I am a Jesus Youth, a member of an international youth movement. Jesus Christ used parables to teach. This is a 21st-century parable about a hypothetical altcoin.

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The Heavenly Cryptocurrency HolyCoin (HC) That You Earn for Eternal Life

1 Bitcoin roughly equals 10^4 (10,000) USD as of July 2020. Well, what is the cost of one HolyCoin? As per my definition, 1 HC= 10^50 USD. Essentially, infinite, because to understand how large 10^50 is, remember the number of atoms in the Earth is 1.33 X 10^50! So how do we earn HolyCoin? Why is it important? Let’s find out!

The Cryptocurrency That Lasts for Eternity — HolyCoin

And by the way, don’t confuse HolyCoin with Holy [space] Coin, an altcoin created by UNICEF. HolyCoin is one word! And it is a hypothetical basis for a modern-day parable, speaking to the Gen Z in terms that are familiar to them, in a similar way to the parables used by Jesus to explain the Kingdom of Heaven. These are terms and activities that today’s generation can understand and relate to.


Death is only the beginning.

The HolyCoin Mechanism

Some fundamental things we need to know about HolyCoin:

  1. The heavenly value of one soul is infinite (since God sacrificed Himself for it, and God is infinite), so 1 soul = 1 HolyCoin (practically infinite).
  2. Everyone receives a soul, so we have a practically infinite balance after conception in the womb. (The Jesus Youth Movement is strongly pro-life!)
  3. After the baptism of water and the spirit, we enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the family of God, the abode promised to us by God, spiritually. Now HolyCoin can have transactions and additions and even debits.
  4. However, every good act we do is not our grace or to our credit but the result of the free gift of grace from God.
  5. We have a rough estimate in our minds, but the actual HolyCoin balance is ‘known’ only after death and the Final Judgement.
  6. You might ask, what is the difference in a balance of infinite HolyCoin regardless of how many additions or subtractions we make? Well — read on!
  7. As the Bible teaches, the good works that we do and the sins that we commit are visible at the Second Coming and we are allocated ‘retirement’ positions accordingly. The good deeds are credited, the bad debited. But our faith in Christ can remove all the debits through the regular reception of the sacraments, especially Confession, the Sacrament of Absolution.
  8. St Paul says that nothing can separate us from the Love in God, known to us in Jesus Christ our Lord.
  9. Our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus. This is not an excuse to commit an arbitrary number of sins since every sin puts Jesus through His Passion again — and again — and again.
  10. So how do we empty our HolyCoin balance? By refusing it to ourselves. By refusing to receive the salvation of God, even at the hour of death.

Eternal Life

Souls live forever

HolyCoin Subtleties

  1. We can’t measure or judge how much a sacrament or a particular sin is worth in HolyCoin. Everyone is different, so everyone’s heart is known by God, and only He can decide the value of our actions. Each person has a uniquely different experience.
  2. By our denial of the Lordship of Jesus Christ (apostasy), we can reduce even a practically infinite HolyCoin balance to zero.
  3. But by the grace of God, if even someone who commits apostasy, if he repents and experiences the grace and salvation of God before death, he brings the HolyCoin value back to its original value.
  4. No amount of good actions can bring us a practically infinite credit balance. That is made possible by the atoning Sacrifice and Death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. It is by grace that you have been saved. Your deeds on Earth are graces from God. The credit does not belong to you, it belongs to God. Having said that your deeds also matter for the free gift of eternal life. It is Jesus who gives us grace. Not ourselves.
  5. However — martyrdom is a very special infinite blessing. A martyr gets an instant infinite balance of HolyCoin and is welcomed by angels into perpetual heavenly dwellings, the joy and bliss of which we do not have the capacity to measure.
  6. We do not know how much HolyCoin we possess. Our good deeds and bad deeds are judged by God, and only by God alone. Hence our heavenly HolyCoin balance is unknown to us while on Earth.
  7. But we have a good indicator — our relationship with the Holy Spirit. God stays very close to those who love Him. Remain in Him, and He will make a dwelling-place for Himself in you, in a way that we can sense through God’s grace and our communion and fellowship with Him.
  8. The exact amounts of grace are known only to God. The widow who put in two copper pennies had given all she had, whereas many rich people gave lavishly, without any hardship or sacrifice. So only God knows how much our good deeds are worth.

The Joy Of Eternal Life

Life actually begins after we die. As the Book of Wisdom says, God created human beings in His Own Image, making them immortal. This time on Earth is just a preparation for the glories and joys that lie ahead.

The Cross is Our Victory

The Sign That Is A Contradiction.

So, What is The Best Use Of The Time Available To Us?

  • You can earn HolyCoin — or Bitcoin and Ether — the choice is yours.
  • But what comparison between a life of even one hundred years and all of eternity — an infinite period of time?
  • Death is an ever-present reality. None of us know when we are going to die.
  • Live with the moment of death ever before your mind, and you will not sin.
  • I would say. live in Communion and Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and you will never be alone or lonely again.
  • Storing treasures in Heaven is really the only way to live. Everything on Earth is going to disappear. Will that list include you?
  • And the beautiful thing is:
  • A life with the continuous presence of God is abundant life and life in fullness.
  • Discover the Holy Spirit, and you will know what it means to truly live.
  • The HolyCoin mining process is a metaphor — nothing more.
  • But the principles that it illustrates are timeless and will be true for all eternity.
  • Please — don’t miss out.
  • Call on the Name of Jesus. He will answer you, come to you, and grant you His Presence in your life.
  • And that is actually a foretaste of what is waiting for us after we no longer exist on Earth.
  • Truly, life begins after death.

A Safeguard From Habitual Sins — The Need of the Hour!

Mama Mary, Pray For Us.

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