Who was Anne Katherine Emmerich? An Introduction To A Supernatural Journey.

Her ability to see the present, past, and the future was unparalleled in human history.

Now, this is an introduction to a 2000 pages long book. This book is called The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations as Revealed to Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich. Because of detail and passages which refer to places and people in a clerical way (informational, like an encyclopaedia), the book has not been very popular, especially when there are 2000 plus pages to go through. But they are a remarkable work, one of the most unparalleled works in Christian literature. I’ll let the publishers of this book explain it to you in their


This book is the first and only English version of the combined Biblical visions of the Venerable Servant of God. Anne Catherine Emmerich. The original was
published in 1914 by Desclee. de Brouwer (Bruges. Belgium) as The Lowly Life and Bitter Passion (){ Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, together with the Mysteries of the Old Testament. The text is that of the 4th German edition of the 1881 version of the Very Rev. Carl E. Schmiiger. C.SS.R., a compilation of the three classic works: The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, The Bitter Passion o{ Our Lord Jesus Christ. and The Life of Mary. The translation was made by an American nun, since deceased, who
wished to remain anonymous. The first edition was issued with the approval and warm recommendation of the following members of the Ameri
can hierarchy: Cardinal Gibbons. Archbishops Gross. Feehan and Elder, and Bishop Toebbe. It also included testimonials from Michael Wittman, Bishop of Ratisbon. Dean Overberg, Sister Emmerich’s spiritual director. Count Leopold von Stolberg, J. J. Goerres, Dom Prosper Guerangerand several others less well known in our day. To this list might be added the names of ClaudeL the
Maritains, Huysmans. Father Gerard Manley Hopkins.Leon Bloy … to name but a few who have written in glowing terms of the saintly “Bride of the Passion” who was privileged to bear the wounds of Him whose life she
beheld in the prophetic eye of her spirit. The publishers, in reprinting these volumes, do so in complete and willing conformity to the decrees of Pope
XlXII Urban VIII respecting private revelations, persons not asyet canonized, and the prudence with which all alleged supernatural phenomena not attested to by the Church must properly be regarded. The final decision in all such matters rests with the See of Rome, to which the
publishers humbly submit. Like other private revelations, Sister Emmerich’s ac­ counts of the life of Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, and other biblical personages should be treated with that respect and that degree of faith which they seem to merit when compared with the holy dogmas of our Faith as
derived from Scripture and Tradition, as well as when compared with our knowledge of history. geography, and science. These revelations are not, of course, guaranteed free from all error, as are the Sacred Scriptures. The Im­
primatur which these books bear simply means they have been judged by ecclesiastical authority to be free of error in matters of faith and morals. Nevertheless, these revela­tions show a remarkable harmony with what is known about the history, geography, and customs of the ancient
world. The visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich provide a wealth of information not found in the Bible. In these times of disbelief, when the Sacred Scriptures are so often regarded as symbolical narratives with little historical value, the visions of this privileged soul providentially
confirm the Christian’s faith in the rock-solid reality of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of His words. His deeds, and His miracles. In addition, Sister Emmerich’s visions show how our sacred religious heritage goes back in an unbroken line all the way to the time of Adam, to the very beginning of the
world-a line which no other religion but the Roman Catholic can claim. These revelations show how the Roman Catholic Church faithfully follows the teachings, and administers the Sacraments, of Jesus Christ Himself­ which teachings and Sacraments are in turn the perfect fulfillment of the Old Testament religion. This crucial fact, which has been almost totally forgot­
ten in our day, is nevertheless all-important in proving which is the one true religion established by Almighty God. The unbroken line of the Roman Catholic Church becomes obvious to all who read these accounts of the
marvelous events which Anne Catherine Emmerich was privileged to behold. For this reason alone, they are price­ less-a gift of Divine Providence to an unbelieving world.May God guide these revelations into the hands of
those who need them most. May they do immense good for souls, both in time and for eternity.

-The Publishers
January 31. 1986
Feast of St. John Bosco

So we have a significant reason to read and study this book. Do not be daunted by the length — reading it cover to cover is a beautiful experience. This book is now in the public domain and has no copyright, therefore I see no reason to reproduce the most incredible, inspirational, and transcendental effects recorded in these books online. And it will not be behind the paywall; I will not make it eligible to earn money, though much could be earned, because it is not my writing, and it needs public presentation and attention, especially today.

I hope and pray that these excerpts from these books will be transformative for every reader. May everyone see how logical, natural and joyful the Catholic Church is. And also how much Jesus suffered for our sins. This book changed me profoundly when I first read it. My prayer for you, the reader, is to experience that same transformative experience and arrive at a knowledge of the everlasting presence of God, the Most Holy Trinity, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


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Experiences of following the teaching of Jesus Christ in the 21st century. Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on me, A Sinner.

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