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Metanyx rewards our voters

Metanyx are very pleased to announce we will be rewarding our current and existing voters with 25 Million METX to be distributed in April 2019. The 25 Million will be split into two parts, 12.5 Million for voting that occurred before March 10th (early bird) and 12.5 Million for any current votes as of March 31st to April 7th (current).

For more information on the METX token please see our original article Metanyx launches METX token to share IOST Servi rewards.

Why Vote for Metanyx?

Metanyx are a leading community node in the IOST Network and are the only Servi node who are distributing block production rewards in the form of our own token METX with a novel economic model. Our mission is to improve the IOST Ecosystem and become the leading community validator on the IOST blockchain.

Metanyx have helped many of our fellow candidates on-board as well as assist the IOST foundation with testing and deploying the mainnet. Metanyx are one of the most active nodes in the community, always looking to improve the ecosystem where possible contributing everywhere we can and we will continue to lead by example. Metanyx launched the first ever token on IOST network to reward our supporters!

The IOST rewards are distributed based on 3 different categories from 2 different pools(Issuance and Foundation). In April of this year the first Contribution reward will be paid out by the IOST foundation, Metanyx believe we will be a tier 1 ranked node increasing our voters returns.

How to vote for Metanyx

You can vote for Metanyx on or using the native Command line interface, in the future wallet providers like Huobi Wallet, Token Pocket and the Chrome extension(iwallet) will allow you to vote directly for producers which will make distribution of the METX token easier as it can be done on chain.

METX distribution illustration

The following is an illustration of how many METX tokens you may receive for voting for Metanyx

Early bird votes

If you had 10% of the Metanyx vote throughout January 15th — March 10th you would receive approximately 1.25 Million METX

Current Votes

If you had 5% of the Metanyx from March 31st — April 7th you would receive approximately 0.75 Million METX

Early bird + Current

Total = 2.0 Million METX

These figures are approximate as vote percentage may change, Metanyx will strive for fairness in determining this initial distribution.

Distribution Schedule

Metanyx have allocated an initial 10 million METX during the Airdrop which will be completed by March 31st 2019. An initial distribution of 25 million METX will be made to all our existing voters plus any left over from the Airdrop, this will leave 65 million METX to be distributed throughout the remainder of 2019.

Distribution Schedule for 2019 (total 100,000,000 METX)

In 2020 the issuance and distribution will continue at 7,500,0000 METX per month(90 Million total) as per our original article


Metanyx will be providing a clear and easy way for users to see the current issued tokens as well as the current IOST balance. The IOST balance will be used to vote for Metanyx to increase our productivity in block production. . We will provide details how to query the balance directly on chain via or via an explorer within our support documentation.

As of March 19th 2019 the current available balance is 200,000 IOST(50% of total received) which can be verified at

Claiming METX tokens

Metanyx will provide information in our Telegram channel after March 31st how to claim your rewards, currently the Metanyx Telegram channel is locked for the ongoing Airdrop, we will provide links within the Official IOST channel as well as on our Twitter account how to join once we re-open it. Submissions will be available from March 31st — April 7th, please ensure you have lodged your vote against Metanyx by April 7th to ensure you are eligible.

Login to , navigate to your Account details by clicking on My Account

Next click on Voting/Redemption Record

You will be able to see your Voting Record

Please take a screenshot of your voting record, this record will be validated by our team against an export we have been provided.

From the Telegram group we will provide you with submission details to claim your METX. In the future once mainnet voting is possible we will use data available on chain to automatically distribute METX to our voters.

Metanyx will review all submissions between April 8th and April 15th and will distribute METX between April 15th to April 20th 2019.

Unclaimed votes will be increase the METX claimed by other voters who do claim, claims must be made prior to April 7th at 23:59:59 UTC 2019 , we will make sure to remind everyone on Twitter, Telegram and Reddit.

About Metanyx

Metanyx at its core is a network of passionate IOST enthusiasts that collaborate and share their collective skills and knowledge to mature the IOST ecoystems. Metanyx are a community focused Servi Node who have been actively involved in the IOST ecosystem from the very beginning. In addition to supporting the IOST community Metanyx are in the midst of developing Dapps for the IOST network which they will announce in the future. Metanyx run a high available Servi Node on the IOST network.

For more information about Metanyx please see the following

Metanyx website

Follow on Twitter

Vote for Metanyx at


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