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Metanyx announces first ever trading competition on ICON with 500k $METX prize pool

The first ever trading competition on ICON will begin on February 15th 2021 on Utrade and last 7 days. We hope to encourage all ICONists to try trading if they have not done so already on one of the worlds fastest Blockchains.

Many users have already received $METX by voting for Metanyx and we have also distributed an initial Airdrop to over 6,000 active addresses on the ICON Blockchain so you may already have some.

You can add the METX token in ICONex or MyIconWallet by going to add token and select Add Custom Token, input the following contract address


We have created a number of different competitions to ensure all users have a possibility of winning with the majority of rewards given to any trade size (small or large).


A total of 500k of $METX is available to winners which will broken down into 3 separate competitions.

Random Daily— 350K $METX (10K $METX x 5 daily x 7 days = 35 winners)

Every day we will randomly pick 5 winners, it does not matter your trade size or your action (buy, sell, deposit). Each randomly selected winner will receive 10,000 $METX. There will be a total of 35 winners (10K x 5 daily winner x 7 days= 35 winners). Random daily rewards will be distributed the following day.

Largest Trade — 75k $METX single winner

The largest (buy or sell )trade denoted by $METX value within the 7 days will receive 75,000 $METX on February 23rd 2021

Largest Deposit — 75k $METX single winner

The largest single deposit (Liquidity) based on $METX value within the 7 days will receive 75,000 $METX on February 23rd 2021

  • Competition starts 00:00:00 GMT on February 15th 2021
  • Competition ends 23:59:59 GMT on February 22nd 2021
  • Users must trade on Utrade
  • Greenwich Meantime (GMT) will be used for trading days
  • All rewards will be paid in $METX
  • Metanyx takes no responsibility for any losses you may incur, please trade responsibly

All rewards will be sent from a dedicated address and will be announced in our telegram channel and other social mediums.

How to trade

uTrade is really easy to use, you will require ICX and/or METX and compatible wallet such as ICONex or MyIconWallet. Navigate to , the site should prompt you to select your wallet, next on the Trade tab select ICX / METX or METX / ICX pair. Set the amount you wish to trade and sign the transaction accordingly.

How to Add Liquidity

To add liquidity you navigate to Liquidity tab, you will require both ICX and METX, click “Join a Liquidity Pool” , click Join beside the METX/ICX pair

You will need to add ICX and than the corresponding METX , ensure you have enough of both, you can estimate the amount you need with the current price (it may fluctuate however by the time you complete the process). Only add the amount of ICX you are comfortable with losing. Remember to leave some ICX for txs fees (max might fail)

Next you can now deposit METX, based on your current ICX deposit and/or your current METX balance it will determine how much you can add.

You have now successfully deposited liquidity and you will have a share of the pool as shown below on the following screenshot.

Liquidity providers receive a share of transaction fees in the form of $UP , you can redeem $UP by navigating to the UP tab.

What is METX?

$METX is multi-chain rewards token distributed to voters of Metanyx to provide them a proportion of the nodes rewards. All you have to do is vote for Metanyx to receive $METX. For more information about $METX please see

About ICON

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About Metanyx

Metanyx is a leading UK Block Producer that is innovating Blockchain technology. We believe in connecting users and devices across Blockchain networks. We are an active voice in the ecosystem on real evidenced based usage and adoption. Metanyx are a trusted validator in a number of Proof of Stake networks.

Metanyx believes Blockchain technology can be applied to many markets such as Financial Services, Internet of Things, Governments, Digital Identity, Voting, Land Registries and Power grids.

For more information about Metanyx please see the following

Metanyx Twitter —

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