Metanyx releases IOST Analytics powered by GraphQL

Sep 17 · 3 min read

Metanyx have developed IOST Analytics which is powered by GraphQL. IOST Analytics will allow developers to easily integrate using a Query driven language to request exactly what they need for their application. The platform indexes data from the IOST blockchain presenting a fully documented Query and Schema resource built directly into the interface.


We expect developers will use IOST Analytics to integrate third party applications to query data as needed directly within their applications. GraphQL was originally developed at Facebook to unify access to social media, many of the Facebook mobile apps use GraphQL to render data quickly unifying their access to a variety of data feeds. As the data on chain grows or is extended the GraphQL API we have created can be easily extended to support this as necessary. The source code will be made available on Github later this month after it has gone through further code review

You can get started right away by going to

Here is a very simple query to get you started

query account {
account(id: "metanyx"){

Copy and paste into the screen on your left as shown below, you can modify your account name if you wish.

This will return a result in JSON that can be used by any application very easily allowing the developer to choose exactly what data they wish to return.

IOST Analytics comes bundled with documentation and schema and we will continue to extend its functionality to allow for more advanced Queries of indexed data. Take a look on the right hand side to see what API’s are available.

Data Extraction

We have re-used the iost-api-task which extracts data from the blocks directly from GPRC endpoint of a producer, the current data set is just over 125GB in the Mongo backend. We plan to extend the data extraction tool to support more traditional databases such as PostgreSQL so we can test larger more complex queries.


We have created some basic examples for developers to get started on our support page, please see GraphQL on Metanyx documentation. As developers begin to experiment with IOST Analytics we will provide additional functionality to enhance the capabilities of the queries available including more complex range queries. We expect developers who would like to access data quickly from IOST blockchain to be able to easily integrate with very simple JSON response of data they are requesting. Developers could build Explorers, tools to analyze trends and in app games that require data from onchain.


Metanyx has allocated the necessary hosting infrastructure to manage the current platform and will continue to support and scale this as the IOST network grows. Metanyx have deployed IOST Analytics using Docker Compose, the Docker deployment consists of

  • IOST API Task (scrapes data from chain inserts to MongoDB)
  • IOST-Analytics (GOlang implementation of GraphQL)
  • Nginx (Web Server reverse proxy to GraphQL)
  • MongoDB

As the dataset and usage grows we will extend the platform onto a distributed Kubernetes cluster.

We will be releasing the necessary documentation and information how to run a fully configured IOST Analytics platform for anyone who wants to host it within their own infrastructure.

About Metanyx

Metanyx at its core is a network of passionate blockchain enthusiasts that collaborate and share their collective skills and knowledge to mature the ecosystem.

For more information about Metanyx please see the following

Metanyx Twitter —

Metanyx Medium —

Metanyx Website —

Metanyx Telegram —




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