Be the Bison

Running into the storm

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

A herd of cattle is grazing peacefully on the plains of Oklahoma. The sky is darkening in the west and they can sense that a storm is coming. They begin to run to the East away from the storm, but the cows are not very fast.

The storm quickly catches up to them, drenching them with rain, but they continue to run on the muddy ground below. Eventually, the storm passes over and it's ahead of…




Metaphor is the language of the unconscious mind. This is a collection of stories that speak to a deeper level. Fiction or non-fiction, its storytelling that leaves an impact.

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Kayla Dhankhar

Kayla Dhankhar

Life Coach, author, lifelong learner, travel enthusiast, narcolepsy advocate, living in Germany and

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