And then I’ll go back to yelling at the tv

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Every day I see someone say online, “Stay home if you are scared.” It’s the go-to response from mask-deniers, especially if they think the pandemic is just a hoax.

After seeing this way too many times, I couldn’t stand it. I stopped yelling at the TV for a moment (after my daily dose from the reality shit show, called the Trump briefing) and decided to go for the jugular. I responded:

Here’s another way to look at it: if you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home. If you don’t care if you get it, stay home. If you don’t care if you spread it, stay home. Then all of us mask wearing people can go out and not worry about getting it from non-mask wearing people (because it’s most effective when BOTH people wear it). …

The pandemic life sucks

The movie “groundhog day” has become real

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“Bowl Of Ramen” Credit: Photo by Al Davis from

It has been now 10 weeks or 84 days since we have been staying at home because as senior citizens, we have been advised to do so due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Meats and various other supplies at the food markets have been devastated because of the Covid-19 virus affecting the meatpacking and food distribution industries. We buy what we can and have taken to being conservative about such food staples. Believe me, we are not vegans by any means.

We have consumed roughly 70 bowls of ramen since we began our shut-in and it hasn’t been fun.

We have also eaten countless bowls of “potstickers” to the point where our eye glaze over. …

A Poem

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Photo by Nassim Handstied on Unsplash

It’s been a long month,
Climbing four walls,
My engine needs charging,
My battery’s dying,
My gas tank’s near empty,
My ignition’s not trying
to break any speed laws.

I’m no Mercedes,
but I’m still a sweet ride,
if you like my custom rims,
I know you’ll recognize
my originality,
my individuality,
my distinctive personality,
my determination,
my drive.

But if I’m not your speed,
If you’re not racing towards us,
Stay in your fast lane
and bite my dust.

Connie Song 2020

Not only during isolation

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Photo by patricia serna on Unsplash

Life was proceeding routinely on schedule for me, before the pandemic.
BP — as I’ve come to call it. Why not give it a name? A moniker? I would have used B.C., but that was already taken.

Since I’m not as young as I used to be, and life has changed in home confinement for over a month’s time, the worn notches on my belt have stretched and sagged, then tore, to the point I was left with no option but to buy a new belt.

That was a major letdown. I wanted this to be the summer of martinis and bikinis. …

Don’t eat strange candies

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Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

It was Christmas eve morning, jarred awake by the sudden sound of a woman’s scream, I sat up from my bed and looked around for the source. I saw my wife sitting on the bedroom floor staring at me with a look of complete horror and she was still screaming. She pointed a finger at me while trying to speak. “Who ..who or what are you? Why are you here?” She asked me this in a shaky voice and seemed to be too frightened to move.

I was quite befuddled by my wife’s behavior and questions, she should very much know who I am. We have been married nearly a half a century ago, she should most definitely recognize me by now. While these thoughts ran through my head I happen to look down at my arms and then my body. What I saw caused me to leap out of bed in shock and disbelief, I quickly ran to the mirror to verify what I saw. The mirror reflected the terrifying image of a man whose entire body was encased in a pelt of long silver-white hair with patches of charcoal color patterns, my head and face were of the same coloration. The image of my face was no longer recognizable as my own but it took on a more ape-like aspect. …

Even though I am a Democrat, I can’t help be frustrated by the political drama.

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Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

It could have been a dream, but it wasn’t. Instead, I woke up listening to the impeachment debate by the House Representatives. And I couldn’t help but feel that Americans are living in two different realities.

My husband had the debate on TV as background noise while he worked and I was still in bed. I doubt there are many people could watch it with rapt attention for very long. Most of it was repetitive. Democrats making fervent arguments why and Republicans saying incredulously why not.

But, their foundational arguments were a testament to the art of rhetoric. I saw arguments of ethos: “You should be ashamed…” There were fallacies, cherry-picking of facts, red herrings, fuzzy induction, convoluted deduction, hyperboles, flat-out lies, and more. …

They guide my way in the sea of life

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I like to think that my life on this plane of existence to be akin to those ships at sea. We are all floating on the sea of life, adrift in our attempt to find a safe harbor where our dreams and goals are waiting for us to dock. Navigating through this sea is always unpredictable. The sea may be calm and our voyage may seem tranquil, but a wrong decision or a wrong turn can place our ship in troubled waters. We may never reach our destination. …

We need new health-care strategies to cope with aging.

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Photo by diana spatariu on Unsplash

When my father had a stroke and dealt with its aftermath — end-stage vascular dementia — my family saw the difficulties in transitioning from health-care to end-of-life care. This reality is important because more and more people are essentially aging into death.

It took a geriatric case manager to gently guide us to hospice after months of long-term care debacles and trying to navigate the Medicare/Medicaid system. She recognized the dying process before anyone in the medical system would. …

Is it really possible

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Photo by LexScope on Unsplash

I’ve been called a lot of names, but lately, troll seems to be the one sticking to my persona. So the question begs, is it my cheerful face? My perpetual RBF (Resting Bitch Face). My sunny disposition? Hey, it could happen!

Despite the fact, I have a bag full of make-up, some of it not even opened yet… Many different kinds of facial masks, cleansers, toners and many other kinds of products to help with different areas of concern.

I still look the same. Of course, it might help if I actually used these products on a semi-regular basis.

For example, I have sensitive skin and sometimes I react to certain products. I’m not able to return it since I likely threw the receipt in the garbage. Adding to the list, a couple of devices which are supposed to help me look radiant…Hmmm not so much. …

My bet is most of us don’t have a clue.

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I was in Kroger today trying to get a simple key made for our house.

There is now a new key making kiosk in the front of the store called ‘Key Me’, that I never saw before. I was reading the instructions on the front of the machine (looking a bit baffled like I always do when reading instructions), when a friendly looking young girl clerk walked over. She obviously saw me looking flummoxed.

“Can I help you figure this machine out?”

“Umm…well, I THINK I can get it. It seems easy enough but, it keeps asking me if I want to buy 2 keys and get one free. …



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