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Buildings As Art — The B.20 Museums

The big day is coming. Saturday, January 23rd at 6pm CST, B20s will be made available for public sale during the Metapalooza launch party. This will be an event like the metaverse has never seen before — a celebration of metaverse culture, creativity, and community.

We will have legendary speakers, like art expert Jason Bailey, Nifty Gateway Founder Duncan Cock Foster, and even the world-renowned DJ 3LAU. But this post is not about the event (although we do suggest that you mark your calendars and RSVP). This article is dedicated to marveling at the spectacular builds created by the top metaverse architects in the world, VoxelArchitects.

A team of six talented builders at VoxelArchitects spent a combined 500+ hours creating the builds over the course of just a few weeks, creating thousands of 3D models, textures, and assets. Let’s delve into their impressive work.


The Cryptovoxels B.20 Museum had three design iterations until they discovered its true form as a towering, dark, and modern beauty.

It may be hard to tell from these pictures, but the build is absolutely massive. It’s located in the valuable Frankfurt neighborhood in Cryptovoxels, fittingly the neighborhood with the tallest height build limits in the entire world.

You can observe the level of detail from the DJ booth on the main floor, including the floating tables with bubbly champagne ready to be sipped at the big party. On the right, we can see some striking Beeple 1/1 pieces adorning the gallery walls.


Although the Cryptovoxels build was huge, the Decentraland B.20 Museum build is even more immense. This massive build features a fully functioning elevator to take you to any of its four stories.

What makes this build truly memorable is the bottom level, where glowing, high-powered fans allow the structure to “float” in the air.

The top photo shows the Metapalooza event floor located on the second level. The lit up “Metapalooza” banner illuminates a stage, complete with a huge screen and speakers. In the lower picture, we can see the upper level, which proudly displays all of the Beeple artworks.

The Sandbox

Next, we have the Sandbox B.20 Museum. Although it will not be operable by the Metapalooza launch date, it is no less epic than the other builds. On the left, we see the structure in its entirety, and on the right side, we see the avatar walking through the building’s impressive, dramatic hallways.

Somnium Space

Last but certainly not least, we have the Somnium Space B.20 museum build. It follows the B.20 style of being large and impressive, with very cool top-heavy architecture. The top right photo shows the granular detail in the trees, which is only possible in a high-performance platform like Somnium Space.

The Museum Becomes the Art

Each of these museums has become pieces of art in and of themselves — hand-crafted by design experts in multiple virtual worlds, all with similar themes and culturally significant crypto art displayed within them.

We would like to note that although we created all four magnificent builds for the B.20 launch, the B.20 museum in The Sandbox will not be part of the B.20 bundle. The ability to publish a game/experience onto a land token has not yet been enabled on Sandbox because it isn’t live yet. We will still open the experience to the Metaverse, just like the other museums on Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Somnium Space.

The plots of land and the magnificent B.20 Museum builds from Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Somnium Space are very much part of the bundle. And with B20s, anyone can share ownership of these museums and the historic artwork that lives within them.

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