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Dreamverse NYC, Where NFTs Make Landfall

By: Metakovan

A physical event on Nov 4 at Terminal 5, New York. Produced by Metapurse. Featuring over 150 artists, curated by OG NFT artists. Live DJ sets by Alesso, RAC and PLS&TY. Experience NFTs as they are meant to be. `

If there is one thing NFTs have taught us, it is that we as people are hungry for experiences. The virtual desertscape we thought COVID trapped us in began to fill with colour. NFTs transformed the abstract ideas of decentralisation, immutability and financial independence into games, art, and a menagerie of collectibles. That’s not all. Their real-world impact has been profound and far-reaching. NFTs have become part of everyday conversations around the world, launched new mediums of expression, lifted thousands out of poverty, and brought together people of incredible diversity and creativity. A true renaissance. And yet, NFTs are still thought of as intangible or virtual. Not if we can help it.

Where are my manners. Hello. It’s been a while. Hope you’ve been well. The last time we wrote to you was right after the ‘Big Beeple Incident’. It was a bit intense. The months that followed have been a heady blur of introspection, conversation and collaboration. We have been hard at work peeling the onion, figuring out what it is we are meant to do. I now believe we are meant to engineer serendipity, and to party. Let’s talk about the party first.

The Biggest NFT Party on the Planet

Subtlety, as you might have gathered, is not our signature move. But then, when you’re as excited about something as we are, you want to go big, bigger, biggest! We decided it was time to rassle up NFTs from the metaverse and make unforgettable experiences out of them in the physical world. Dreamverse, my friends, is what happens when NFTs make landfall.

Dreamverse is a physical event in New York on November 4.

This is a celebration of a vibrant, diverse, empathetic community. A merging of the physical and digital realms, Dreamverse is an expression of the renaissance of our times. In other words, it is one heck of a do.

This one-day event is two-fold: a daytime Dreamverse Gallery, curated by OG NFT artists and presented in partnership with TIME, and an evening Dreamverse Party, headlined by DJ and producer Alesso. Opening the Dreamverse Party is RAC and PLS&TY.

Here’s the when and the where.

And here’s the who’s who.

There’s So Much to Share

Over 150 artists, curated by the OGs we fell in love with when we entered the space. A collaboration with TIME. Featured artists who blazed a trail with what they created and who they are. VR booths, AR experiences, physical and digital merchandise, a spectacular virtual space for art and performances designed by (no spoilers). A cohort of sponsors. We’ll tell you all about them these next few weeks, while you block your calendars and book some tickets.

The process of working with artists, the friendships I have forged with them, has been such a drug; couldn’t get enough of it. It has also been therapy, in that it gave me the freedom to rediscover my own culture in a lot of ways.

I want to create such friendships from around the world. Little moments of shared experience and serendipity that will lead to magical things. We created this amazing community in the metaverse and we are now celebrating it in the real world, at Dreamverse. I’m excited.

Do come.



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