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NFT Exploration with Andrew

Joining us on the show today is Andrew Steinwold, Founder of NFT investment firm Sfermion and podcaster/blogger at Zima Red — among other things! The interviewer will become the interviewee as we’ll be discussing NFTs’ present and future.

Presenting “NFT Exploration with Andrew” Friday, August 27th at 10:30am CST.

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About NFT Radio:

NFTs are a perfect storm of magic and money. NFT Radio, a Clubhouse show and production by Metapurse, puts you in the eye of that storm every Thursday at 8pm CST. Join us as we speak with trailblazers from the NFT space and beyond, making big moves in the metaverse. NFT Radio is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of information and insight, in one place.

The hosts of NFT Radio include Metapursers Twobadour, Brooke, and Veritas; and NFT thought leader Matthew from Nifty Gateway.

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