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NFT Latino Art with Pachoman

Joining us on the show today are Pachoman and several Latino artists part of the NFT Latino Art project, which was created by Pachoman as part of the Metapurse Fellowship.

We’ll discuss NFT Latino Art’s goal to launch the NFT career of 100 Latin American artists, how they plan on becoming the number one information source in Spanish related to NFTs, and how they are supporting people from Latin America to earn money by playing video games.

Presenting “NFT Latino Art with Pachoman” Thursday, August 12th at 8:00pm CST.

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The lineup:

RAMONA ILLUSTRATOR (Regina Muñoz): Innate Colombian advertising professional and illustrator very motivated to let their imagination and talent run. Also has worked in the field of advertising illustration, concept, and design for major brands.

MARIA ALEJANDRA JAIMES: Practices in advertising and graphic design, finding the balance where their skill as an illustrator and muralist can greatly enrich a brand concept.

DANIELA DAZA: Studied industrial design, until changing their career to illustration, focusing on the perspective and the decomposition of objects in simple figures and 3D rotation.

GABRIELA PEREZ: Bogotá illustrator that graduated from the Universidad Javeriana in Visual Arts with a graphic emphasis two years ago, and since has worked for publishers such as Penguin Random House for Planeta Editorial. She is currently a regular columnist for Bacánika Magazine and works as a freelance illustrator for different cultural entities, agencies, and brands. His most popular project is “Una Reina del Drama.”

NADIM COMICS:Publicist, cartoonist, and NFT Latino Art curator. IDB international cartoon contest winner, El Heraldo newspaper contributor, Las 2 orillas & nuestra voz New York daily.


Metapurse Fellow and Fellow at Edmund Hillary Fellowship (New Zealand), Naas Co-founder, MIT Innovator Under 35, host of #Dineromeme, and Beat the Robots author.

BERNI ONLINE (Berni): Art Director, cartoonist, writer, and illustrator with more than 18 years of experience in the advertising and graphic industry. Author of several works, including Zeg and La Ladilla, El Kliente and Cuervito Fumanchú — the latter is his most popular and extensive project, with more than 300 pages, 6 magazines, and 19 animated shorts published since its creation in 2005 to the present.

DIEGO ACOSTA (Diego): Think, skate, design, draw, paint, record, photograph. Diego loves to create products inspired by skateboarding.

About NFT Radio:

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