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Own A Piece Of The Metaverse Renaissance

Another Artwork, Concealed

This is the ethereal Salvator Mundi. It’s an oil painting, depicting Jesus Christ, made in the year 1500 by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. It’s one of only twenty known pieces of da Vinci’s artwork. In November 2017, the piece was sold to a private collector for $450 million.


It is rumored to be hidden away on the superyacht of the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, but we can’t be certain. This incredible, historic piece of art might not be seen again for another hundred years.

It’s a shame that people will no longer be able to view this magnificent piece of art because, as we explored in our previous blog, art drives the cultural zeitgeist for a society. By locking it, you’re effectively blocking evolution. This calls for a revolution.

The Rise of Banksy Style

This travesty could be one of the reasons Banksy is such a popular artist today. His politically themed work obviously resonates with many, but also his method of creating art in public, for the people, is something that very few do today. It inspires the masses.

This idea of creating public, widely accessible art isn’t new. In fact, every great ancient civilization has created temples of art that were meant to be enjoyed by its people. It had, over time, been wrapped in layer upon layer of profiteering and exclusivity. What Banksy did was to tear open the veil and let it shine once again.

It would be incredible if we could create monuments of art and culture for the metaverse, so that every digital citizen — who is also a global citizen — could wholly experience the emerging cultural movement.

Owning A Piece Of Metaverse Culture

Let’s take this a step further. Imagine if we found the Salvator Mundi, brought it out of the yacht, and put it in a museum. You’re standing before it, letting every brush stroke imprint on you as you look at it. You realize this evocative piece of art was made by someone the same species as you. You feel a sense of ownership. What if this weren’t just a feeling? What if, suddenly, everyone could collectively call this piece of history and culture their own?

Likewise, partly owning Banksy would be pretty great too. Actually, incredible. You would not only own some potential upside of a generational artist, but also know that everyone could experience that piece of art by going to the area where the art is located. Being in public means it’s accessible to all — no fees, vaults, or having it locked away on a private yacht.

How incredible would it be for citizens of the metaverse to own a piece of public art — a culturally iconic one — that has been built just for their world? Something like this would be the first such project of its kind.

In fact, it is the first such project of its kind. Subscribe on Substack to stay tuned for our next blog post, and we’ll tell you all about it.



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