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The Dream Team: Sponsors of Dreamverse

To ensure Dreamverse is an unforgettable event of unprecedented scale, we have partnered with a few incredible projects that believe in the Dreamverse dream. On today’s show, we will be catching up with the sponsors that we’ve been working with to plan the world’s first NFT art and music festival

Tune into our episode today, hosted on Twitter Spaces at 10:30 am CT/11:30 am ET, to hear from Flow, Yellowheart, OneOf, Animoca Brands, Metacask, Quantstamp, AirWire, Lago, and Mint Gold Dust and their involvement in Dreamverse, the metaverse, and much more.

You also won’t want to miss out on the event itself, happening on November 4th in NYC. Grab your collectible NFT tickets on Dreamverse.Life.

Presenting “The Dream Team: Sponsors of Dreamverse” on Monday, October 18th at 10:30am CST.

Join us here at 10:30 am CST:

About NFT Radio:

NFTs are a perfect storm of magic and money. NFT Radio, hosted on Twitter Spaces show and produced by Metapurse, puts you in the eye of that storm every Friday at 10:30 am CT. Join us as we speak with trailblazers from the NFT space and beyond, making big moves in the metaverse. NFT Radio is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of information and insight, in one place.

The hosts of NFT Radio include Metapursers Twobadour, Brooke, and Veritas; and NFT thought leader Matthew from Nifty Gateway.

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