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The Metaverse Celebrates Juneteenth

On today’s episode of NFT Radio, we are celebrating Juneteenth, an important day for the physical world and Metaverse alike. Our digital world is still in its infancy, and as we build and create, we must make sure it’s inclusive, diverse, and empowering to all. For many that feel disempowered in the physical world, the Metaverse is a place where individuals from any background can thrive without being judged. Thus, celebrating Juneteenth in the Metaverse is imperative to continue striving towards empowerment and equity.

Specifically, we will be talking to POC creatives about what Juneteenth and the Metaverse means to them, including highlighting their recent creative projects. These include Digital Diaspora, an art exhibition celebrating Black liberation and creativity, and Juneteenth Holograms, NFTs representing iconic dance trends immortalized as holograms.

Presenting “The Metaverse Celebrates Juneteenth” Thursday, June 17th at 8:00pm CST.

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David Bianchi: Actor, producer, screenwriter, and poet. Creator of #Spinema.Created a spoken word film NFT titled “I Can’t Breathe,” benefitting the George Floyd Foundation.

Cookiee Kawaii: The “Throw it Back” dance to international artist Cookiee Kawaii’s twerk anthem “Vibe” took the internet by storm in early 2020 amassing billions of views. Her love for anime, comic books & video games shows in her high energy base knocking music.

Diana Sinclair: Black queer photographer and artist creating work around understanding and expressing identity. Part of Towards Utopia and HERSTORY DAO.

Cyn Bahati: Founder of HerstoryDAO, an on and offline art collective dedicated to preserving and incubating the stories of marginalized crypto creators

Yosnier: Digital artist based in Tampa who’s main inspiration comes from love and intimacy.

Sian Morson: Editor at the blkchain, a weekly newsletter that exposes the work of women and bipoc artists on the blockchain.

NFTs are a perfect storm of magic and money. NFT Radio, a Clubhouse show and production by Metapurse, puts you in the eye of that storm every Thursday at 8pm CST. Join us as we speak with trailblazers from the NFT space and beyond, making big moves in the Metaverse. NFT Radio is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet of information and insight, in one place.

The hosts of NFT Radio include Metapursers Twobadour, Brooke, and Veritas; and NFT thought leader Matthew from Nifty Gateway.

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