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5 min readOct 14, 2022


What is MetaSolare?

MetaSolare is an entirely new type of Web3 entertainment project created by experts from a variety of fields.

MetaSolare’s main theme is Entertainment x Web3.

We believe that the entertainment field can grow greatly by combining cutting-edge Web3 elements with the hottest and most exciting entertainment around the world today. We also believe that the way fans and creators relate to one another in the process of making art is about to change forever. With traditional entertainment, the relationship is one-way: creators make art for fans to consume.

However, in the new Web3 era, users can participate in the creative process and help make decisions through owning tokens and NFTs. In the Web3 era, it’s no longer a one-way relationship, it’s a process of “Co-Creation”, where fans and creators make content together. With creators and experts from a variety of fields “Co-Creating” with users, we will build entirely new entertainment experiences and an entirely new economy. This is MetaSolare.

What Can You Do With MetaSolare?

MetaSolare offers three kinds of content: Game-Fi, Music-Fi, and Anime-FI.

Everything we offer incorporates blockchain technology that allows digital ownership, financial elements to create a sustainable economy, and gaming technology to enable large-scale interactive communication.

MetaSolare isn’t a project that uses content and IP (Intellectual Property) simply as instruments for financial investment, it’s a project that creates a wide range of entertainment experiences across the fields of gaming, anime, and music.

With MetaSolare, your passion and creativity will become your most valuable assets!

◆Game-Fi — For Lovers of the Game All Around the World

Our game service is Metaverse Legends.

Our goal with Metaverse Legends is to make a game that’s, “not just a way to make money, but a way for game-lovers around the world to turn their passion into both intangible and tangible assets, where everybody can participate in any number of ways, and create a new future and new ideas for gaming together.”

To make this possible, we’re working with a team of developers who’ve worked on some of the largest video game titles in the world.

・Service Name: Metaverse Legends
・Game Genre: TPV Action MOBA
・Development Status: In Development
・Development Team: MetaSolare Game Create Team
・Platforms: iOS、Android、PC

Our development team consists of around 80 experienced engineers and designers, some of whom have worked on famous titles like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

MetaSolare’s CEO Kentaro Beppu is also actively participating in the development process for Metaverse Legends.

It’s rare for a CEO to work directly with the development team, but he’s been a huge gamer since he was a kid, and has played over 10,000 MOBA matches over the past 5 years.

Beppu also knows all about the world of NFT gaming and has been both a manager and a player, at one point running a blockchain game guild with over 500 members.

Beppu is so dedicated to quality gaming that he constantly tells his team that “he doesn’t want to release the game until it’s good.” So it’s sure to be a game that users can love and spend countless hours playing.

◆Anime-Fi — Limitless Creation, Born From Passion

MetaSolare wants to bring Web3 to the world of anime, and create an entirely new type of anime culture alongside users and creators.

Combining anime and blockchain allows for new possibilities and makes it possible for users to get more involved in the anime process.

Users can get involved in entirely new ways, for example, digitally owning part of their favorite anime or creating stories that begin with images on the NFTs they own.

◆Music-Fi- A New Type of Community Where Fans and Artists Prosper Together, Powered by DAO

MetaSolare will be creating crypto-native music artists, backed by DAOs and NFTs.

For example, token and NFT holders will help hold auditions to pick new artists and talents and help them get ready for their big debut, with livestreams being held at regular intervals to help show how far they’ve come.

MetaSolare’s team has deep connections in the global music scene, and in Asia particularly. MetaSolare Co-Founder Steve Aoki is one of the most well-known DJs in the world, and Co-Founder Masato Matsuura is the founder of Avex, one of Asia’s largest entertainment companies.

These deep connections make us uniquely positioned to make the next generation of crypto-native music a reality.

(Avex is one of Japan’s most famous entertainment companies. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with over 1400 employees in its group.)

MetaSolare will give you the ability to create value while supporting the artists you love.

MetaSolare’s Products

◆MetaSolare Network

The MetaSolare Network is a custom-built Ethereum-based sidechain optimized for the content created within MetaSolare.

The MetaSolare Network is a user-first network in every way, with high-speed transactions, high scalability, high-level security, and zero gas fees.

◆MetaSolare Wallet

Your wallet, media player, and passport to a smooth experience in the MetaSolare world.

Both the browser and smartphone app versions of the MetaSolare Wallet were built with an emphasis on design, with enhanced functions such as login history and history export.

◆MetaSolare Market

The MetaSolare Market is an NFT marketplace at the center of MetaSolare’s economy.

Our market lets users feel safe when buying top-quality NFTs, both when buying from the source and when buying from other users.

The MetaSolare Market stands out from the competition when it comes to usability, featuring powerful search, listing, bookmark, follow, and other features.

Token Economy|MetaSolare (MSL)

◆MetaSolare (MSL)

The base token of MetaSolare.

More than just a governance token, MSL connects all content and economic activity in MetaSolare, including games, music, anime, network, and the Marketplace.

That’s all for our introduction! Thanks for reading!

With creators and experts from a variety of fields “Co-Creating” with users, MetaSolare will build entirely new entertainment experiences and an entirely new economy.

Please join us in making an entirely new “Entertainment x Web3” world.




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