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What happens when you don’t manage your nominations ?!

TL/DR — use a nomination pool — METASPAN pool #50 is a good choice!

In this graph you can see 2 things:

  • 30/07 — we implement our new selection algorithm — the average daily returns doubled!
  • 17/08 — we did not update our selection — you can see how the daily returns dwindled…

Over time, your nominations become stale. The reasons are a combination of:

  • Popular validators become oversubscribed — only the top 256 nominators per validator will get a reward
  • Validators lose performance
  • Only ‘active’ validators participate in rewards — to be active a validator needs a minimum staked amount of at least 5,900KSM. If a validator loses nominations it will not be selected for rewards.

Fortunately, when you nominate with our METASPAN staking pool we do all the hard work for you. We select validators based on:

  • technical performance
  • # nominators
  • known good players in the ecosystem!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!




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