Meanwhile at Cryptium Labs #1 Part VI

Awa Sun Yin
Jul 10, 2019 · 2 min read

If you haven’t read them yet, here are links to Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V. In Part VI we are not describing a new feature, but rather the updated migration strategy for script-less contracts, which will replace the migration related to the feature simplifying the Tezos delegation process (broadly described in Part III) and is related to the smart contract simplifications (broadly described in Part IV).

  • For more context to this new migration strategy, I strongly recommend reading Part III and Part IV.


As described in Part III, the simplification of the delegation process has mainly two parts: 1) making implicit accounts delegatable and 2) the multi-step KT1 clean-up process. The latter is now deprecated and the new migration strategy is described below.

In Part IV, the smart contract simplifications include the modification of theCREATE_CONTRACT instruction by removing manager, delegatable, and spendable parameters.

The Updated Migration Strategy

This migration strategy handles two major cases: firstly, the migration of script-less contracts; and secondly the migration of script-ful and spendable contracts.

Migration of Script-less Contracts

The new migration process leverages a smart contract that is deployed to substitute every delegation, which are currently scriptless smart contracts, turning them into script-ful smart contracts that have the manager functionality.

This migration process is not only more simple than the previous migration strategy, but also is more seamless, as it allows us to preserve the current state of delegations. Thus, existing delegators will not be impacted by this feature as all delegation values, parameters, and functionalities will be conserved.

Migration of Script-ful and Spendable Contracts

For contracts that carry script and are spendable, the original functionalities will be kept, transforming the script by adding the entrypoints.

The Implementation

Final Remarks

In Part VI, an extension to Part III, we describe the new migration strategy for the simplification of the delegation process, which leverages a manager smart contract that substitutes the existing delegations, turning all script-less contracts into script-ful ones and conserving the current state of delegations. Additionally, this migration also handle the case of script-ful and spendable contracts.

What’s Next?

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