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Breaking Down the Weapons in Metastrike

The colossal video game market has grown at breakneck speeds and shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. This rapidly evolving sector is expected to surpass $314bil by 2027, with First-Person-Shooter (FPS) games making up 27% of the total games sold. It’s the perfect moment for a blockchain game like Metastrike to enter and dominate the market. It not only features a diverse play-to-earn model that enables players to earn bountifully but also gives them a more personal and customizable experience as they select from a wide range of artillery.

Metastrike will provide players with something virtually all current FPS games fall short on: The freedom to choose. They can choose weapons, tiers, colors, and upgrades, all of which will give them a sense of real asset ownership and allow them to personalize their weapons of choice.

“Less is More”? No Thanks!

After reviewing the FPS industry as a whole, the Metastrike team came to the unanimous agreement that there is a lot more that can be offered to the community. Our robust play-to-earn model aside — which in itself makes Metastrike the ideal option for players — it became abundantly clear that the weapon selection of competing games was, at least by our standards, paltry at best. There was simply no way we could offer this standard selection to our community if we planned on achieving our goal of becoming the go-to FPS Multiplayer Blockchain game.

As such, Metastrike will offer players an arsenal of high-powered automatic, semi-automatic, and single-round fire weapons to choose from. Are you a proud rapid-fire attacker? The M4, AK47, and Uzi will make it rain as you spray your opponents with a barrage of bullets. Prefer to test your marksman abilities? Sniper rifles allow you to acquire your unsuspecting enemy and make short work of him from a safe distance. If you’re into making a splash with your attacks, a selection of SMGs and explosives will get the job done. There are also intricately designed combat knives to choose from, for players who like to get up close and personal with their opponents.

The concept behind our metaverse is to go above and beyond the status quo to provide options for every type of player personality.

Make a Statement on the Battlefield

While giving our community an abundance of in-game munitions to choose from was a primary objective for the Metastrike team, it was far from the only perk we wanted to provide. We recognize that today, individuals purchase assets such as NFTs for more than just resale value. In most cases, these digital assets resonate with them and in some ways are something they identify with on a deeper level.

Metastrike’s arsenal will provide players with that same connection by allowing them to customize several features of the NFTs they purchase such as color, add-ons, and more. In essence, you could build the weapon of your dreams to showcase in the Metastrike metaverse. On another more strategic note, you could make note of the distinct features of a weapon owned by another player you’d like to see eliminated, and hunt them down accordingly (our little secret). Players will also have the chance to upgrade weapons to different rarity tiers that offer unique benefits and ranging degrees of impact when on the battlefield. All of these features will elevate the player experience and provide them with true benefits of ownership with their in-game digital assets.

Maximize Your Power and Utility

If you’re asking yourself, “how could this game possibly get any better”? Leave it to us to answer that question for you. With the use of $MTT and $MTS, players will be able to purchase iconic guns and skins that amplify your weapon’s power and utility. Golden guns, for example, are epic pieces of artillery with more damage and lower recoil, attractive visual features, and a profit-earning function that enables players to earn more tokens passively.

Unlocking these next-level guns will be possible in stages in that a regular gun will unlock a silver gun, and silver will unlock a gold and so on. Players can purchase the metal needed for the upgrade in the game shop, and there is also a high probability that more rare guns and skins will appear in the Metastrike metaverse as time passes.

Your Weapons, Your Choice

The time has passed for you to limit yourself with FPS games that do little to empower their players. Metastrike’s collection of NFT “rainmakers” will offer users unparalleled utility, customization, and profit-earning opportunities. Through careful analysis of the current market selection and the growth and enthusiasm of our community, we are confident that the unique NFTs and gameplay features of Metatrike will enable it to become the leader in the FPS segment of NFT gaming and beyond.

About Metastrike

Metastrike is a blockchain-based virtual reality FPS-RPG that delivers top-tier gameplay and graphics. It also features an equitable play-to-earn economy that rewards players for their time and dedication to improving their skills in the game. The game features an array of digital assets that players can collect and trade on the open market such as weapons, skins, projectiles, and more. The team is made up of blockchain experts, game designers, marketing leaders, and engineers all at the top of their respective fields.

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