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Metastrike Partners with Kucoin Labs

Today the Metastrike team is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Kucoin Labs, the strategic investment arm of Kucoin Exchange. In May of 2018, Kucoin established its very own investment and incubation program to offer a wide range of services to promising early-stage DeFi projects. Initiating this program involved bringing together some of the top crypto experts in areas such as market research, investment, incubation, and analysis. In a few short years, Kucoin Labs has become one of the most respected names in the world of blockchain and we could not be more thrilled to have them on board as a partner.

Partnership Goals

Through this partnership, Metastrike will leverage a wide range of services provided by Kucoin Labs to improve the day-to-day operations and development of our game. This includes areas such as marketing and PR, legal advice, secondary market fast-track, ecosystem expansion, business planning, blockchain technical support, business partnership support, and more.

A Stringent Vetting Process

The standard in which a project must meet to be selected by Kucoin Labs is of the highest degree, with only true market disruptors making the grade. Their team thoroughly vets several aspects of each project they consider which includes long-term in-depth partnerships, the product itself and business model, technological innovation, marketing strategy, and the competency and experience of the team.

Kucoin Labs’ portfolio of past investments is impressive and consists of a multitude of marquee names that have experienced great success in their respective markets. This includes Antimatter, Bloktopia, DAOsquare, Fractal Protocol, Hurricane Swap, Star Terra, and many others.

Ready to Launch at Full Capacity

Our partnership with Kucoin Labs creates a momentous pivot in our journey that empowers both our team and community as a whole. Our goal from the outset was to reshape the NFT gaming landscape and deliver something truly unique. An endorsement from Kucoin Labs opens the door to a multitude of positive outcomes which include greater exposure and potential listings. We wish to thank Kucoin for putting their trust in us and we look forward to a future full of great achievements and milestones.

About Kucoin Labs

Founded in May 2018, KuCoin Labs is the investment and research force of the KuCoin ecosystem. KuCoin Labs diversifies and intensifies investments into projects at an early stage to help more builders achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.

About Metastrike

Metastrike is a blockchain-based virtual reality FPS-RPG that delivers top-tier gameplay and graphics. It also features an equitable play-to-earn economy that rewards players for their time and dedication to improving their skills in the game. The game features an array of digital assets that players can collect and trade on the open market such as weapons, skins, projectiles, and more. The team is made up of blockchain experts, game designers, marketing leaders, and engineers all at the top of their respective fields.

Connect with Kucoin

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Connect with Metastrike

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