A Visualized World of Blockchain — LeBlock

Metaverse Blockchain Project Spotlight:

Here at Metaverse we are continuously pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Today we want to spotlight a promising mobile game that is built on the Metaverse blockchain — LeBlock.

LeBlock is a virtual LEGO game built on the blockchain. The game essentially allows users to build a world using blocks of different colors, a digital world that operates similarly to how the real world works, comprised of financial markets and complex infrastructure. LeBlock was founded by a team of game lovers and has since grown into a robust gaming community with nearly 70,000 users. By the end of this year, the LeBlock ecosystem will reach a projected 200,000 gamers, and more games expected to launch.

LeBlock aims to pioneer a LEGO-like “Blockchain World”. Players can build houses, roads, and yards. Every deed and transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and goods and services can be traded with TAT, the in-game token. TAT will also be the main token for 2 upcoming games built on LeBlock. These games are slated for release in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Below we will summarize 3 key points from 2 recent media articles that highlighted LeBlock. (click the links below for the original articles)

Jinse Caijin article

e27 article

Point 1: A “Virtual LEGO” on the Metaverse Blockchain

Game developers are making worlds where gamers can freely interact with their environments, thus stimulating the creativity of the participants. In LeBlock, gamers can mine for blocks of 5 colors to build landscapes, accessories, and weapons. There are various difficulty levels to obtain each block, and gamers need to use their in-game “computing power” to mine these various blocks to build the world they want.

Point 2: Digital Assets on LeBlock

LeBlock incorporates digital assets within the game, and these tangible digital assets include accessories, properties, and any personal belongings of the gamers. For example, each “lego” block within the game can be turned into an in-game asset that can be traded using the in-game token TAT. Players can trade these blocks with each other and also buy/sell at marketplaces that are built into the game. All of these transactions are recorded on the Metaverse Blockchain.

Point 3: Future Growth of Blockchain Games

As blockchain technology continues to mature and develop, building valuable applications that can reach the masses is integral for scalability and wide adoption. The gaming industry has been on an explosive trajectory the past few years, riding the wave of livestreaming and e-sports. Standing on the intersection of blockchain and gaming, LeBlock creatively encourages casual and hardcore gamers alike to build their own imaginations visually in a virtual world. Having reached close to 70,000 users, LeBlock aims to continually develop new games and features to improve the gamer experience. By the end of 2018, the overall user base can potentially reach 200,000 strong.

Blockchain is a relatively new industry that academics, researchers, tech teams, and enthusiasts pore timeless energy over in order to develop the next big thing, the next great idea. Sometimes it could be easy to forget about the fun, the positive impact blockchain can have on anyone on any given day. Casual gaming is fun and can be an escape from hectic everyday life. If a game can educate users about a new technology like blockchain, then there is an educational value along with the sheer excitement of playing the game. LeBlock, built on the Metaverse Blockchain, provides such a platform for a wide audience to have fun and learn.

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