Betelgeuse Alpha Testnet Update: Web Wallet and On-Chain Identities

Metaverse ETP
Jan 19 · 4 min read
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We are delighted to release a new version of the Alpha Testnet that our development team has put together. It consists of new features such as a downloadable node package that has a mining function accessible through the command line, more details below.

Node synchronization and mining can be observed on our web wallet interface located at under the “Network” — “Explorer” — “Node Info” tab where the Chain info and the produced Blocks details are also visible. Important Note: The web wallet interface is still under development and has limited functionality as of now.

This Release Features :

  • Web wallet capability to register new accounts
  • Send & Receive function is now enabled. You can send and receive funds from and to any address of the web wallet
  • Github repository and build instructions now available via the web wallet link
  • Ability to register on-chain identities, however in future updates we will use the KILT protocol
  • Vanity addresses generator functionality is turned on
  • Web wallet blockchain explorer is now available for use
  • Some democracy functions is available but still under development.
  • Some developer functions were turned on but still under development

All in all, this release provides a close to full functionality of the web wallet

Tutorial: How to start mining using Betelgeuse Alpha Testnet?

Step 1: Download or compile from source code de customized TestNet client. (in this testing phase, mining will be possible only using this customized client, after we finish implementing stratum protocol you will be able to mine using any software or mining service that supports DaggerHashimoto algorithm). The following binaries are available:

Windows version:

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS — no AVX:

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS:

On Linux OS’s you can easily download the file using the command:


Step 2: Use tar or zip command to extract the executable corresponding to your platform:

tar xvzf ‘betelgeuse.AlphaTestNet.v.0.0.4.-.Ubuntu.20.04.1.LTS.tar.gz’

IMPORTANT: We recommend that before starting a node for the first time in this blockchain to issue a purge-chain command like this:

./betelgeuse purge-chain --chain ./betelgeuse.json

Step 3: Access Web Wallet using URL: and create a new wallet account and write down your mnemonic seed.

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You’ll use it for accessing your account and for signed mining.

For example:

./betelgeuse import-mining-key "razor limb price drum rifle robust stock cake coral chase pioneer shoot" --chain ./betelgeuse.json

In Windows, use the following command

betelgeuse.exe import-mining-key "razor limb price drum rifle robust stock cake coral chase pioneer shoot" --chain ./betelgeuse.json

You will get the following output: 2021–01–14 04:11:48 Registered one mining key (public key 0x80b9fcd9a5ff3bb238a9c084803eedc194f0592749bfb88d14f82baffaf67f7)

Please copy your public key which you will use it in the next step.

Step 4: Start your node and begin mining using the command below where the switch “--name” can be customized to give a name to your node ( in this example I have used my own name as “AdrianVPS” ):

For example:

./betelgeuse --author "0x80b9fcd9a5ff3bb238a9c084803eedc194f0592749bfb88d14f82baffaf67f7b" --validator --name AdrianVPS --chain ./betelgeuse.json

In Windows, use the following command :

betelgeuse.exe --author "0x80b9fcd9a5ff3bb238a9c084803eedc194f0592749bfb88d14f82baffaf67f7b" --validator --name AdrianVPS --chain ./betelgeuse.json

The syntax of the command to run a node and start mining is:

./betelgeuse --author "<your public key>" --validator --name <node name> --chain ./betelgeuse.json

*You only have to change your node name and your public key obtained in the previous step and you should start mining.

When your node starts up you should be able to see the information as displayed in the picture below:

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Step 4: You can check the node synchronization and other data using the Web wallet located at the following URL:

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Below you should see your node connected as one of the network peers:

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Mining Troubleshotting

Expected pruning mode

If you encounter the following errors:

Error: Service(Client(Msg(“State database error: Expected pruning

mode: constrained”)))

It means you previously started the node without mining flag. By default, the node would execute under pruning mode which currently cannot be used for mining.

To fix it, run the following command and then restart your mining node using the following command:

betelgeuse purge-chain --chain ./betelgeuse.json


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