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Happy Lunar New Year! Metaverse Monthly Report — January 2022

First of all, Happy Lunar New year everyone! In the month of January, one of the challenges we ran into with building a brand new system was estimating how long the process would be. This makes it hard to predict a timeline, as things could take longer than expected. We know that our community is anticipating the new updates. However, we’re currently still making final decisions regarding the migration to New Frontiers and its implications.

Also during this past month, the development of the Metaverse extension wallet for Google Chrome was focusing on adding the default support for multiple chains, starting with Ethereum. This will enable people to use the Metaverse Chrome extension for multiple of their favorite blockchains while using the same wallet. With the increasing number of the public chains, we want to enable users to hold multiple digital assets of different chains at the same time. If each digital asset of a public chain chooses a single-chain wallet for storage and circulation, it means that users need to hold multiple wallets. It is obviously very cumbersome for users to install and use multiple corresponding single-chain wallets at the same time, thus we’ve started the development of multi-chain wallets, to store and trade various digital assets.

We also took this opportunity to add the New Frontier testnet to the default network, in order to encourage users to try and test it. The New Frontier testnet was initialized using Hyperspace (mainnet) balances, so if you have ETP on Hyperspace, you will automatically have testnet ETP on New Frontier in order to do testing. If you don’t have a balance and want to try New Frontier, please get in touch with us to get New Frontier testnet ETP.

What’s Next:

  • Scheduling more tests on the new testnet
  • Adding documentation about becoming a validator
  • Adding other blockchains into the Metaverse wallet
  • Providing necessary upgrade support


Stay tuned for future events from Metaverse; an open-source public blockchain creating a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.

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Metaverse Blockchain

Metaverse Blockchain


Metaverse is an open-source public blockchain building a decentralized ecosystem of digitized assets, identities, and applications.