Metaverse Mainnet Upgrade Announcement

Metaverse SuperNova (v0.80) full-node wallet will be released on June 6th at 17:00 (GMT+8). New features will be functional and activated at the block height 1,270,000 (around June 18th). Please upgrade to the new full-node wallet before June 17th at 24:00 PM (GMT+8).

The exciting new SuperNova features are listed below:

  1. Users can create Avatars on the Metaverse blockchain, and these Avatars can be used in MST (Metaverse Smart Token) transactions, MIT (Metaverse Identifiable Token) transactions, and certificate transactions.
  2. SuperNova supports the functions of “Secondary Issue” and “Burn Asset”. Users can choose specific offering curves and specify secondary issue rates while creating an asset. Users are allowed to deposit the quantity of assets for the specified number of blocks and unlock the asset following a specified rate. Assets can be burned if they are sent to Burn Address.
  3. Secondary issue certificates, domain certificates, and naming certificates are also new features, and these certificates can be transferred. Secondary issue certificates and domain certificates are provided after asset creation. The domain certificate is automatically provided at the asset creation stage and is available on the first-issue first-served basis. For example, if you own the domain ‘MVS’, only you can create an asset whose name starts with ‘MVS’. The owner of domain certificates can create the naming certificates that can be transferred to others, for them to issue the asset with the same name as the naming certificates.
  4. Public key can be shared by the QR Code in the light wallet or full-node wallet for account transfer.
  5. MIT issuance is supported in SuperNova (v0.8.0). MIT can be issued in the light wallet and has Bitcoin-level security. Different from MST, MIT is globally unique, indivisible, and can be bound with Avatars.
  6. Multi-signature: multi-signature can be bound on Avatars and can send MST assets, MIT assets, and certificates.
  7. SuperNova resolves the synchronization problem for ETP full node wallet.

SuperNova is compatible with the existing features of MVS. However, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your wallets before June 23 at 24:00 PM (GMT+8). Before you upgrade, please remember to backup mnemonics.

The official block browser will be upgraded by June 18. The official light wallet (Android/iOS) and full-node wallet will be upgraded by June 20.

For SuperNova release notes and manual, please refer to:

Metaverse Team

June 6th, 2018