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Metaverse HQ Hosts Ben Mezrich For a Twitter Spaces and Secures 75 Whitelist Spots For His Upcoming NFT Project.

Our community at Metaverse HQ are always on the hunt for conviction plays that innovate the NFT space forward.

The upcoming Ben Mezrich NFT collection looks to be a step forward for NFTs in the entertainment industry.

We are excited to host Ben and his team for an MVHQ Twitter Spaces on Sunday January 2nd, 5pm EST to talk about his latest NFT drop, tiered into 3 separate releases and membership levels.

Ben Mezrich is a writer known most notably for his two books Bringing Down The House and Accidental Billionaires which were adapted into the movies 21 and The Social Network.

There’s a lot under the sun to learn about this project, I highly suggest reading up on the website and joining their Discord to learn more about their roadmap and expected utility for owning all of Ben’s NFTs.

Presale starts this Monday (January 3rd) at 2pm EST and Public Sale will follow the day after.

The Ben Mezrich team has extended 75 Whitelist spots for MVHQ members! Please see #member-only-announcements in Metaverse HQ’s Discord for the link exclusive to MVHQ Token holders only.

Huge shoutout to BunchuBets and Drucritt, our friends at the always awesome DGEN Network for helping put this partnership together!


WHAT: An MVHQ Twitter Spaces with Ben Mezrich and Team.
WHEN: Sunday, January 2nd @ 5PM EST
WHO: Feat Ben Mezrich and Team

Ben Merich NFT

Ben Mezrich NFT Discord

Ben Mezrich Twitter

Published by Mitch Lacsamana | Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships with Metaverse HQ

MetaverseHQ (MVHQ) is an exclusive tokenized community of #NFT traders, investors, builders and educators.

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Exclusive tokenized community of #NFT traders, investors, builders and educators.

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The exclusive tokenized community of NFT traders, investors, builders and educators.

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