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Oct 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Words by: Yvonne Rodriguez

Metaverse is AMAZING! I have looked high and low for something to engage my students! When I found Metaverse it was life changing! I knew the minute I created my first experience and saw how my students interacted with it…I knew my search was over! Metaverse is a great way to engage my students! One of the great things about Metaverse is how I can use it across content in so many ways! My students love reviewing math, science, reading, and revising and editing skills using Metaverse! My students love how it is interactive and keeps them engaged!

I have created many experiences using Metaverse. This year, our 4th-grade team used Metaverse for our Meet the Teacher night! It was a fun and interactive way for our fourth graders to get to know the 4th-grade team. Our parents LOVED the interactive way we used technology and they were just as engaged as the students were!

I absolutely LOVE using Metaverse to re-teach skills I have taught during my math lessons. I have created several experiences where students can review multiplication, division, paired tables, word problems, measurement and number lines! These are just a few!

Several of my students struggle with 4th-grade content and Metaverse allows my students to feel successful! I am able to re-teach content and Metaverse helps me solidify those skills my students may lack.

For our writing camp, I created several experiences to help reinforce editing and revising skills. It was a GREAT hit with our fourth graders!

At my campus, we have Science Day every month. I re-teach science skills using Metaverse. I created an experience so students can review forms of energy. It is so rewarding for me to see my students interacting with the experiences I create! The kids LOVE it!

It is easy to go in and create an experience. I can use any content and create an AMAZING experience for my students! If I need help, I can always go back and watch youtube videos for assistance.

I have used Metaverse with my students for the last year. Metaverse has given me a tool to use with my students to not only help them learn and grasp concepts but to also LOVE learning! As a teacher, I want my students to have a LOVE for learning and Metaverse allows me to do that! It not only engages my students but also encourages me as an educator to continue to do what I do! I want to keep on creating experiences for my students and to show them that learning can be fun! The level of excitement and engagement has been phenomenal! My students love interacting with the Metaverse experiences that I have created but my students also love to create their own experiences. Students can work collaboratively with their group to come up with a great experience to share with their classmates. This has been something that my students absolutely love to do! They get creative and work well together because they are so engaged in their projects! The possibilities are endless with Metaverse! I LOVE sharing Metaverse with my co-workers! It is easy to share something that you love! Sharing Metaverse is easy because it means so much to me! I am so lucky to have found a tool that my students love to use and ask for on a daily basis! This has been the best app I have ever used in my classroom! The versatility, engagement, and love for learning that this app has instilled in my class is something I wish I found earlier in my classroom career.


Metaverse is a democratized platform that lets anyone created interactive content in augmented reality.

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CREATE AMAZING THINGS in Koji & Metaverse! http://www.gometa.io/


Metaverse is a democratized platform that lets anyone created interactive content in augmented reality.

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